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they shouldnt..

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Why do hand muscles contract when vomiting?

Vomiting tends to make the body tense up. The hand muscles might contract as a result of this tensing. Also, vomiting can cause dehydration which can make muscles contract.

Why do your eyes water when you yawn?

When you yawn, your facial muscles get scrunched up, and that forces some tears out.

When do muscles contract?

muscles contract when you tell them to...

What does biceps help you move?

your biceps are the muscles that move your lower arm and hand up. You usually have two or more muscles for each bone. These muscles work together for instance the biceps and triceps. When your biceps contract, your arm bends up. when your bicep relaxes and your triceps contract, your hand lowers again, you can try it on a table. Lay your arm flat then raise your arm from the hand to your elbow, when you lift and let it down, you will se your muscles bulge. Notice though that the muscles does not contract the other way or stretch. it relaxes.

Why do muscles contract after exercising?

Why do muscles contract while exercising

What muscles contract to cause inhalation?

The intercostal muscles, (muscles between the ribs), contract.

How many muscles does it take to yawn?

it takes about 12 musceles to yawn and 80 musceles to laugh at you if you took this answer from this answer jkjkjkjkjk

What happens when your muscles contract?

When muscles contract, they shorten. In the case of skeletal muscles, this moves bones.

How do the muscles contract and relax?

muscles contract and relax by bring about movements.

What can muscles do?

Muscles can contract and shorten

Why do muscles contract do they become longer or shorter?

When muscles contract, they become shorter.

What happens if the papillary muscles fail to contract?

If the papillary muscles fail to contract the valves will prolapse. The papillary muscles are located in the ventricles and contract to prevent prolapse.

Which skeletal muscles contract during exhalation?

intercostal muscles contract and the diaphragm relaxes.

Why do your muscles contract?

Muscles contract to help move food through the digestive system

What happen to the shape of the earthworm when the circular muscles contract?

The segments elongate when the circular muscles contract.

When what muscles contract they cause parts of the body to bend?

When muscles contract they cause joints to bend.

The heart is made up of cardiac muscles what happend when these muscles contract?

Yes, the heart is made of muscles, however, these muscles do not all contract at one time. They contract in synchrony and when they contract they squeeze the chamber they surround such are the atria or ventricle and blood is pushed out of the chamber.

Does the trapezius contract?

Yes, the trapezius muscles do contract.

Can you contract your smooth and cardiac muscles on purpose?

Smooth Muscles can, but Cardiac Muscles can not.

Are nerves needed for muscles to contract?

Yes, without the nerves the muscles would be rendered useless. The muscles MUST have stimulation from somehwere in order to contract.

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