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The reason for this is that the mail server needs to talk to a global catalogue server in order to turn on services like POP and IMAP.

2009-06-22 19:08:50
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Why does 'error 1068 the dependency service or group failed to start' appear when starting Norton's Ghost 9 in Windows 2000?

I'm running WinXP, and received the same error when I started playing around and turning off / disabling some services. When I turned "Plug and Play" back on, Norton Ghost 9 stopped complaining and started working again.AnswerIam using win 2000 pro . to start the service in remote access

Can you access the gprs in your LG 502?

for my experience in my LG 502 i cant access it always said that the connection is failed...

How can you have access to service manuals of access control product?

It will not be possible, because if it was, the value of the access control will be zero and most access controls work with micro processors, that is preprogrammed and only registered service company's have access to the manuals.

What Microsoft tool lets you access drives that are failed and are inaccessible?


How do i access my aafes employee self service quick link site? Remember you have to be an employee of aafes to access this site. Once logged on you can access your self service page. goodluck

Does Scott stamps have online access?

Yes, they do have online access. It is a pay for use service.

To what service does a ISP provider offer access to?

An Internet Service Provider offer access to internet in exchange of a monthly fee. Some peoples also have to pay for their consummation of bandwidth through the IPS service.

What is the originating page who quoted Party In Austin Complete With Petting Zoo?

Access DeniedThe access to this service is denied, please contact a Customer Service representative.

Full form of R A S?

Remote Access Service(s) Remote Access Server

Full form of UAS?

Unified access service

What is IAS In what scenarios do you use it?

Internet Authentication ServiceIAS is deployed in these common scenarios:1)Dial-up corporate access.2)Outsourced corporate access through service providers.3)Internet access.

Is the correct url to access Google's Gmail service?

Yes that is the correct url to access the Gmail service; however there needs to be a dot com at the end of that url in order for it to load properly for you to be able to access Gmail.

Where can one access a mobile Internet service?

One can access a mobile internet service almost anywhere there are phone lines and coverage from one's provider. Companies like 'NetZero' provide 4G mobile internet access.

What is online direct access?

It depends on the service, but most likely it means that you can access their service via internet without phisically moving yourself around too much.

Do you have tracfone service in WI?

Tracfone is an extention of the AT&T service. Anywhere that AT&T has service will allow access for tracefone users. Yes, we certainly do have service.

Does ESPN360 cost money?

ESPN360 is a no-cost service to consumers. However, to access it you must be using an isp (internet service provider) that subscribes to the ESPN360 Service, such as AT&T or Verizon. If your ISP does not subscribe, you have no way to access the service.

If I change internet service providers, will the service change?

I do not think if you change providers your internet will change. The type of service will change only if you change the type of internet access. For example if you change from a modem to cable internet access.

What is the website for Safeway employees to access their W2 and tax information? Access starting Feb. 5

What service was needed for Windows NT to access Novell file and print services?

Client Service for NetWare

How to access the service menu on LG cosmos?

##PROGRAM250 then 000000

Is a internet service provider a national access provider?


Is there a bmo online banking available for service?

Bank of Montreal offers an array of financial services on their website. Anywhere there is internet access, there is access to a Bank of Montreal online banking service.

Where can one access the US Senior Citizens Service?

To access the US Senior Citizens Service, go to the official website and then you will be able to contact them through the usage of email or calling them by phone.

Does the Qwest Modem Contract give the consumer 24 hour customer service?

You do have access to 24 hour customer service with the Qwest service.

Do you have to have an Internet service provider to use the Internet?

Yes an Internet Service Provider (ISP) is required for you to access the internet. Without a Internet Protocal (IP.) you will be unable to access any website on the internet.