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Like many technology companies, Apple employs 'code names' for various projects (for example, earlier versions of Mac OS and related projects were named after American composers: Gershwin, Copland, etc.). The Mac OS X project started with version 10.0, code named "Cheetah." 10.1 was known internally as "Puma." By the time 10.2 'Jaguar" was nearing release, the big cat names had practically become common knowledge among the Mac community, and Apple's marketing started including the names officially as part of the released product.


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No. As long as the monitor has a compatible port that hooks into the Mac, the Mac will use it.

You can't use a Mac anything in anything other than a Mac. Why? Because Apple sucks, that's why.

Macintosh Some people use the acronym MAC to say" My Apple Computer"

that little apple icon and p

macbooks and apple computer use mac and dell, hp, samsung all use windows

Microsoft produce a Mac version of PowerPoint. (See links below)

Mac OS X is an excellent replacement for Windows 7. You can use Apple's Mac OS X on computers made by Apple. The legal terms you agree to when installing Mac OS X prevent it being installed on non-Apple computers.

No - the clue is in the phrase '...for mac' ! Apple Mac's use a different operating system to 'regular' computers. The two versions are not interchangeable.

Absolutely. Linux will work fine on an Apple Mac PC. Linux can also be used for a selection of other computer brands.

iMovie requires Mac OS X which can only legally be run on an Apple Mac. There are no other options.

Apple computers are made by Apple. Apple write their own operating system called Mac OS X to use on their computers. Legally you can only run Mac OS X on a computer made by Apple. Other makes of computer cannot be turned into Apple computers.

NO but if you use bootcamp you can play it on Vista/ XP, or you can use Crossover games

The 1969 macs should use windows....if not get the 69th generation apple mac.

Yes you can use Microsoft products on a Mac providing the software is a Mac version. Microsoft has a large department producing Mac software. (See links below)

"No. Apple mac computers use Safari, and Firefox. Firefox is the same for Windows and Mac. I think that Internet Explorer was created for computers that use Windows only."

The best apple computer is the Mac Air powerbook, due to its light weight, compact appearance and ease of use. The mac Book Air retails for approximately $1,500.

no now there are so YESApple now has a software update for its Mac Software that allows for the use of Apps on your Mac. Just do a software update on your Mac and it will load the necessary upgrades.

mac, now that mac has support for Microsoft exchange, which isn't too good, but many businesses use.

Try to use Mac data recovery software. But only it run in in Mac (Apple) computer.

legally, only apple made computers, but there are "hackintoshes", pcs that use MAC OS X

Most desktops come with a built in screen (all in one piece) but if you get a Mac Mini, which doesn't have a built in screen, you can use any monitor, it doesn't have to be Apple.

Apple Mac is by far the best. it has an application called garage band its its basically a virtual recording studio. Apple Mac is the Computer to get dude x

Apple's Mac computers use their own operating system called Mac OS X. If required Windows can be installed and used on a Mac.

The default operating system for an Apple computer is Mac OS X but a modern Mac can also use the Windows or Linux systems if required.

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