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Why does Balin of all the dwarves visit Bilbo?


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It does not say. Balin was possibly the most fond of Bilbo of all the dwarves - as shown when he is the only one to accompany Bilbo into the tunnel in Erebor.

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Yes, the wizard(Gandalf) likes Bilbo very much. It is by the will of Gandalf that Bilbo comes along with the dwarves for the quest. His concern for Bilbo can be seen when all the dwarves come out from goblin's cave but Bilbo remains behind. Gandalf continues to visit Bilbo even after the end of dwarves quest.

Bilbo, with all the dwarves' plans, is unhappy because they involve him checking the situation out.

All of the dwarves took their turn carrying Bilbo, throughout the book.

After they caught Bilbo, the dwarves came looking for him. As they got around the fire the trolls popped a sack over their heads. It all started when they caught Bilbo. As they were questioning him, Balin came in, quite unsuspecting of anything. The trolls jumped him before he knew what's what. Then they hid behind the trees out of the light and waited for the other dwarves, who they promptly caught in a sack.

After Bilbo frees the Dwarves from the spider webs he comes up with the plan to get them all out of danger. Not only do the Dwarves follow him but he is also able to execute his plan and get them out of the jam.

Bilbo, Thorin, Smaug, Gandalf, Precious, the dwarves

They were discussing all that had happened in the goblin tunnels, and debating what they were to do now. Gandalf was saying that they could not possibly go on without trying to rescue Bilbo, and the dwarves did not want to.

Bilbo sang songs to the spiders to infuriate them and bring them all after him, and also to let the dwarves hear his voice.

Bilbo found the hidden exit in the palace of Elvenking. He makes a plan to make dwarves out of the palace. He put all the dwarves into the barrels with many plants that can protect them, and rolled them out of the secret exit. And under there, there is a cold lake, which will lead the hobbit and dwarves to the Lake Town

They all look different They have different colored hoods.

The Dwarves found a huge pile of treasure. They did not find the greatest prize of all though. Bilbo had already taken the Arkenstone.

They feel more safe knowing that Bilbo just saved all of their lives. And they treat him with more respect.

in The Hobbit there are sixteen main characters: the hobbit- Bilbo baggins, the wizard- Gandalf, the dwarves- Dwalin, Balin, Fili and Kili, Dori, Nori, Ori, Oin and Gloin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, and Thorin. and last of all The dragon Smaug. Bard the bowman and Beorn are kind of important too!

Thorin BalinDwalinBifurBofurBomburDoriNoriOriFiliKiliOinGloin

Bilbo was very careful to plug up all the holes in the barrels.

When the dwarves and Bilbo were captured, so were all of the ponies. The goblins ate the ponies.

All dwarves have bushy eyebrows, dear. A few examples, though... Fili, Kili, Balin, Dwalin, Thorin, Bombur...

The thirteen dwarves began to arrive. And Gandalf joined them to introduce them to Bilbo.

He was the burglar, after all! He wanted something to take back to the dwarves, sort of like proof that he had found what they were after.

The narrator explains "They intended to pay Bilbo really handsomely for his services; they had brought him to do a nasty job for them, and they did not mind the little fellow doing it if he would...There it is: Dwarves are not heroes, but calculating folk with a great idea of the value of money; some are tricky and treacherous and pretty bad lots; some are not, but decent enough people like Thorin and Company, if you don't expect to much." This is the only explanation for their cowardice.

the trolls capture all the dwarves but not Bilbo b/c he his smaller so he hides then the trolls argue about what to do w/ the dwarves and how to eat them then gandalf (who had left them a while ago) comes back and imitates the troll to keep them arguing until morning and they get turned to stone

Bilbo was from the Shire, the dwarves were from Erebor and the Iron Hills, and the Blue Mountains I think?, and the whole place is known as Middle Earth.

First of all, he had to get food to eat. Then he used his skills to get the keys and release the dwarves from their cells and help them escape.

After he breaks them out of the wood elves prison ....Thorin finally admits that Gandalf was correct, and tells Bilbo he IS what Gandalf said he would be.

He finally proved himself worthy to them, showing that Bilbo could actually get away from the goblins. Before they all thought he was incapable to go on an adventure and get all the gold ,therefore they have a good opinion on him.

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