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dorian hides his picture because he did not anyone to see it . it was a secret for him. he did not tell anyone about the picture

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Q: Why does Dorian hide the portrait?
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When was A Portrait of Dorian Gray created?

A Portrait of Dorian Gray was created in 2005.

Who wrote the portrait of dorian grey?

Oscar Wilde wrote 'The Portrait of Dorian Gray'

What is the Role of the portrait in The Picture of Dorian Gray?

It bears the signs of Dorian's depravity and aging.

Does dorian gray die?

Yes, when he stabs the portrait.

Who wrote The Portrait of Dorian Gray?

Oscar Wilde

How does Dorian react to his portrait?

Well, when Dorian first saw he his portrait ,when he was young, he was pleased. But throughout the years as he grew evil and did bad deeds, the portrait became uglier. At the ending of the book, the portrait showed an evil, ugly, cruel man who was horrible to look at. At this time Dorian was nearly mad, and when he saw the portrait he grew remorseful and killed himself.

What is the climax and resolution for Dorian Gray?

The climax is probably when Dorian kills Basil, and then the resolution is when Dorian stabs his portrait, consequently killing himself.

What happens at the end of dorian gray in the 2009 film?

Lord Harry uncovers the portrait dorian was hiding and sets fire to the portrait. Then he lock's dorian in with the painting and runs.Dorian then picks up the long knife and stabs the painting undoing the spell, the movie ends with Lord Harry looking at the Portrait of dorian gray when the spell was not yet cast.

What was the title of the book where the portrait aged instead of the man?

Dorian Grey

Who is the fictional character that lives forever because his soul is stuck in his portrait?

Dorian Gray, in Oscar Wildes 'The picture of Dorian Gray'

How is dorian gray influenced by art?

His portrait made him aware and vain of his beauty.

What is the name of the man who doesn't age but his mirror image does?

Dorian Gray Actually, in the case of Dorian Gray it's not a mirror image but a portrait.

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