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She poisoned him with arsenic.

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Emily dates Homer Barron because he is a Northerner who stands out in the small Southern town of Jefferson, which excites and interests her. Additionally, Homer is a prominent figure in the town, giving Emily company and social status. She may also feel a sense of control and power in the relationship with Homer.

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Q: Why does Emily date Homer Barron?
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Who began to date Miss Emily in part iii and why was he in town in 'A Rose for Emily'?

Homer Barron begins to date Miss Emily in Part III of "A Rose for Emily." He was in town as a construction foreman overseeing a project to pave the sidewalks. Emily's relationship with Homer Barron becomes a significant focus of the story.

What poison did Emily use to kill homer barron?

Emily used arsenic to poison Homer Barron.

Who began to date Miss Emily in part iii and why was he in town in the story A Rose For Emily?

Homer Barron began to date Miss Emily in part III. He was in town as a construction foreman working on a project to pave the sidewalks in the community.

Who are the major characters in a rose for Emily?

Homer Barron , Emily Grierson , Emily's Father and Tobe .

Who is Homer Barron in A Rose for Emily?

Homer Barron is a character in William Faulkner's short story "A Rose for Emily." He is a Northerner who comes to Jefferson to work on construction projects and begins a romantic relationship with Emily Grierson. Ultimately, he disappears and is later discovered to have been dead in Emily's house. Emily's keeping of his body reveals her descent into madness.

Who began to date miss Emily in part 2 and why was he in town?

Homer Barron began to date Miss Emily in part 2. He was in town as a construction foreman hired to work on projects in the area. Their relationship caused controversy in the town due to Homer's lower social status and the age difference between him and Miss Emily.

Why is it according to the townspeople that homer barron would not marry Emily?


Who was not from the south in the short story 'A Rose for Emily'?

Homer Barron, the unfortunate suitor of Emily Grierson, was not from the south.

What happened to Homer Barron?

Homer Barron, a character in A Rose for Emily, dies and Emily keeps his body in her house. When the townsfolk enter the house after Emily's death, they see his corpse on a bed with a pillow next to it that has a strand of Emily's hair on in, indicating that she often laid next to his dead body.

What Happens To Miss Emily After Homer Barron Disappears A Rose For Emily?

After Homer Barron disappears, Miss Emily is never seen again for many years. It is later revealed that she had kept Homer's body in her house, sleeping next to it every night. When she dies, her secret is discovered, revealing the extent of her mental instability and obsession with Homer.

Where and in what comdition is homer barron found?

In William Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily," Homer Barron is found dead in Emily Grierson's bedroom, decades after disappearing. His body is discovered lying on a bed, decomposed, and indented in the pillow next to it, indicating that Emily had been sleeping next to his corpse.

How did the character and background of Emily differ from those of homer barron?

Emily came from a high-class background, while Homer Barron was a lower-class Yankee laborer. Emily was aristocratic and traditional, while Homer was seen as an outsider because of his social status and lack of wealth. These differences in background and character contributed to the scandal surrounding their relationship in "A Rose for Emily."