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In the original series, sometimes known as Warriors: New Life, Graystripe falls in love with a RiverClan cat Silverstream, and they have two kits. But due to no medical help, Silverstream dies shortly after delivering her kits. Graystripe agrees they belong in RiverClan where their mother was born and raised, but he is torn and decides to leave and go to RiverClan in honor of Silverstream. He also chooses to leave ThunderClan because he wants to raise his own kits, and not have to later fight them in battle. 'Fireheart, Fireheart, I'm being torn in two!' was what Graystripe told his friend, the main character, after making a hard deciscion of leaving his birth Clan to join his kits. He later returns to ThunderClan when he and Fireheart were forced to fight. He wants to be with his kits and Thunderclan doesn't trust him after Silverstream and him

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Graystripe switches clans because his former clan, ThunderClan, exiles him due to his relationship with a cat from another clan, Silverstream. He joins RiverClan, his mate Silverstream's clan, to be closer to her and their kits.

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Q: Why does Graystripe switch clans?
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Why is Graystripe from warrior cats outside clans?

That is becaues he was captured by twolegs(humans) and was away from the clans for a long time. He then came back to the clans later on.

Does graystripe come back?

Yes, Graystripe does come back after being captured by Twolegs. He reunites with the Clans and continues to play a role in future events within the series.

Is Firestar still leader when Graysripe comes back?

Yes, when Graystripe returned to the clans after being abducted by twolegs, Firestar was still the leader. However, Graystripe's position as deputy had been filled by Brambleclaw, who remained deputy even after Graystripe's return.

When does Graystripe meet Millie?

Graystripe meets Millie in the Warriors book series during the third series, Warriors: Dawn of the Clans, in the book titled "The Sight." Millie rescues Graystripe from Twolegplace and helps him find his way back to ThunderClan.

Why did graystripe mate with silverstream?

Graystripe and Silverstream mated because they developed a strong bond and connection while on different sides of a conflict between RiverClan and ThunderClan. Despite the challenges of belonging to different Clans, Graystripe and Silverstream's love transcended their allegiance to their respective Clans.

When does millie appear in warriors?

Millie first appears in the Graystripe's manga series: The Lost Warrior. She then goes with Graystripe on a journey to find the clans, and turns up in the main series in The Power of Three book 1: The Sight.

What page did Graystripe return?

Graystripe returned in the book "Warrior's Return," which is the third book in the "Warriors: The New Prophecy" series. Graystripe makes his return in the early chapters of the book after being captured and held captive by Twolegs.

How do you switch clans in cloud raiders?

You cant

What happened when Fireheart Graystripe and WindClan came upon RiverClan territory?

When Fireheart, Graystripe, and WindClan entered RiverClan territory, they were spotted by RiverClan warriors who attacked them. A battle ensued, but the conflict was eventually resolved when Bluestar arrived and negotiated a peace agreement between the clans.

How do you switch off the notifications in Clash of Clans?

If you meant "how do you turn off clash of clans notifications" then you go to settings>notifications>clash of clans and turn everything off

In which book is Graystripe captured and made a kittypet?

In Dawn Graystripe is captured by the twolegs. He becomes a kittypet probably through Starlight and Twilight. He might have began his journey with Millie during Sunset. They return to the clans during the first Power of Three book called The Sight. Hope this helped! :)

What really happens to graystripe in the books warriors?

He is captured by twolegs where he lives with them for about two weeks. He meets Millie and they go back to the clans. They get there at a gathering in book 1 of series 3.