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it creates a chemical reacting involving the hard shell of the mentos and all CO2 Diet Coke contains but regular coke will explode better because of all the sugar it contains

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well surface of mento is filled with holes and diet pepsi fills it up with bubbles. the mentos go to bottom and come back and out into explosion it causes big reactio!

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because the blah blah blah explodes

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Q: Why does Mentos explode in Diet Coke?
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What makes Mentos with Diet Coke explode?

because its AWESOME

Does Mentos explode in coke or Diet Coke or coke 0?

Yes it can but it isn't 100% the same

What happens when you microwave Diet Coke with Mentos inside of it?

If you put a mentos in the diet coke and put it on the microwave, it will cause a chemical reaction causing your microwave to explode.

Does heating up Diet Coke affect it with mentos?

yes it may explode

What is in sour skittles that makes it explode when put in diet coke?

they don't Mentos do

Do diet sodas explode with Mentos?

yes and even better than regular soda I believe diet coke is the best

What is better to explode with coke... Mentos or lifesavers?

I believe mint Mentos, and diet coke (or a beverage with aspartame). Mythbusters claim that table salt works very well too!

What is in Mentos that make Diet Coke explode?

caffeine, potassium benzoate, aspartame, and CO2 gas contained in the Diet Coke, in combination with the gelatin and gum Arabic ingredients of the Mentos, all contribute to the jet effect

How do you make an volcano explode?

to make an volcano explode you have to put diet coke into the bottle the put some red food colouring in the diet coke so it looks like lava then put some mentos in the diet coke then sit back and watch.

How many Mentos do you add to sprite to make it explode?

You need at least 1. And, it depends what kind of pop you are using. Diet coke produces the best results because it has the most Carbon Dioxide gas in it, and that means that the rough surface and the pores on the Mentos candies will get filled up with the Diet Coke carbon dioxide gas. Right after Diet Coke comes Pepsi, and on and on.

How do you make Mentos and coke explode?

Because of the carbon dioxide in the Mentos :)

What else makes coke explode?