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It is on the coast

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Q: Why does NASA launch rockets in Florida?
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Where is NASA launch?

if you mean where the rockets are launched: well then they are launched in cap Canavral, Florida.

Why does NASA launch rocket?

Nasa launch rockets to know about space and its atmosphere

The John F. Kennedy space museum is in what state?

It is found at Cape Kennedy, Florida, near the launch site for NASA rockets.

Where does NASA launch rockets from?

In Florida in the United States of America at the Kennedy Space Center on Merrit Island. Because Cape Canaveral is so close, most people call where the rockets NASA launches Cape Canaveral as well.

Where does the money that NASA gets go's to?

The vast majority of NASA's money is spent on salaries for NASA employees, and to purchase the hardware for the rockets and satellites that they launch.

Is there any capes in Florida?

NASA has their launch facility on one of them

Where is NASA in the US?

the NASA headquerters are all over the US. theres one in Florida, Texas, California, ect. the ne in Texas is houton is mission controll and where they train the astronauts, the one in Florida is where they launch the rockets and do some traing there, the one in Califronia; i have no clue what happens there. hopes that helps.

Where does NASA send out spaceships?

The NASA launches it's Space Ship at the NASA launch station in Tapas, Florida, USA.

How do rockets land on land?

crashing into the ocean by Florida and then getting towed to the NASA center

Where is the launch site for NASA?

Kennedy Space Center,Cape Canavral,Florida

Where does NASA launch space shuttles from?

NASA launches the space shuttle from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

Where are rockets launched from in USA?

In United States, rockets are launch from Cape Canavral, Florida, at John F Kennedy Space Center.