Why does Odysseus leave the men?

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There is storm and shipwreck. He ends up on an island.
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What do Odysseus' men do at Ismarus?

Odysseus' men plunder Ismarus, taking women, wine, and other booty. They spare Maron, the priest of Apollo, and treat him respectfully.

What favor does aeolus do for Odysseus and his men?

He gave them some hospitality for a month and then provided a westwind to carry them home. The problem was that he gave him a bag ofthe 4 winds. His crew thought it was treasure and opened it. Thatblew them back. Aeolus was the keeper of the winds and he bottled up a bag of windsfor Odysseus so he c ( Full Answer )

What did Odysseus' men do to lord Helios?

they ate the cattle that they weren't suppose to. Odysseus was asleep and he blamed what his men did on the gods. When lord Helios found out he got Zeus to kill all of Odysseus' men I'm from florence sc, GO GAMECOCKS!!!!

How did circe treat Odysseus and his men?

In the Odyssey we learn about the epic adventures of the HeroOdyssey and his men when navigating through the seas. In histravels he once arrived to the island that was ruled by the GoddessCirce, his men were enchanted by her and turned into swine's, buthim got her love and favors. He stayed with her ( Full Answer )

How did the cyclops feel about Odysseus and his men?

At first, Polyphemus sees Odysseus and his men as harmless delicacies. However, after he is blinded, he is enraged at Odysseus and his men, enough to curse them in the name of his father.

Why did Odysseus kill the men?

This depends on which men you are talking about. Most of the men Odysseus kills, he kills in war against the Trojans. Odysseus kills many fellow Ithacans for wooing his wife Penelope. There are also many men that Odysseus 'sacrifices', such as the 6 men he loses to Scylla.

How did Odysseus leave the island of Calypso?

Odysseus left Calypso's island when Athena told Zeus(her father) that he had been left there and was longing to his return to Ithaca and to see his wife Penelope and his son Telemachus. So Zeus sent Hermes to tell Calypso to let him go after ten years of being on the island. When she realizes that s ( Full Answer )

Why did Odysseus leave Penelope?

Odysseus dodn't necessarily "leave" Penelope. He was advised by Athena to fight for Ithaca in the battle against Troy. Odysseus was reluctant to do so, for his wife had just given birth to a baby boy, Telemacus. He told Penelope that if he had not returned by the time that Telemacus had a beard, he ( Full Answer )

How does polyphemus prevent Odysseus and his men from leaving his cave?

"But the Cyclops there, still groaning, racked with agony , groped around for the huge slab, and heaving it from the doorway, down he sat in the caves mouth, his arms spread wide, hoping to catch a comrade stealing out with sheep-- such a blithering fool he took me for." Robert Fagle's: The Odyssey ( Full Answer )

Why does Odysseus leave Hades?

Because he is a living person and only the dead must stay in the Underworld. Also, he does not go into the Underworld, but speaks to it's ghosts.

Why does calypso allow Odysseus to leave?

She realizes that she can't make him happy. She thinks that she's pretty, she promised him immortality, and she provides him with food, shelter, and care. But he is not satisfied because he misses Penelope too much.

What does Calypso do to keep Odysseus from leaving her?

Calypso and Odysseus become lovers. Calypso offers Odysseus immortality and eternal youth if he would stay with her. Calypso does not aid Odysseus' escape until told to do so, so he seemed trapped on her island without a ship.

How did Odysseus and his men get stuck with the cyclops?

Odysseus and his men willingly go to Polyphemus' cave, sacrifice and eat some of the cyclops' cheese, and wait for Polyphemus to return. When Polyphemus returns, he rolls a large boulder in front of the exit to the cave, trapping the men.

How do Odysseus' men disobey his orders?

After sacking Ismarus, Odysseus tells the men to return to the ship with their booty, but they do not comply. On the island of the Lotus Eaters, Odysseus commands 3 men to go back to the ship, but they will not comply and have to be dragged back. After visiting Aeolus, keeper of the winds, his ( Full Answer )

Who tells Odysseus what Circe did to his men?

Eurylochus tells Odysseus what has happened to the other 22 men. He did not eat the food as he suspected danger, so he was able to avoid the spell and run back to safety.

When did Odysseus put his men in danger?

Odysseus is forced to put his men in danger in many situations, but specifically does so when they have to pass by Scylla, the sea monster.

Why does Zeus leave Odysseus alive?

Zeus leaves Odysseus alive because Odysseus has been fated to return home. Even the mightiest Gods do not dare go against the Fates.

What advice do Odysseus men give to him?

1) His men tell Oysseus to leave the Cyclop's cave before he comes back. 2) After they escape, Oysseus can't help but to yell back at Polyphemus. His men tell him to stop but, he continues.

Why were Odysseus' men not afraid of Circe?

The wild animals around Circe's house were all tamed and docile. When the men first saw her, she was singing beautifully while weaving a web of fine, beautiful and radiant color. Circe came when the men called her, and she offered them food and drink.

Why did Odysseus leave his son?

Odysseus left kingdom of Ithaca, his wife Penelope, and his son Telemachus to honour his agreement to fight with the Greeks should they ask for his assistance. They were going to Troy to make war.

How does Odysseus sneak his men out of the cave?

He said his name was Nobody then he gave rum to the cyclops so he went to sleep then he sharpened a spear, heated it in the fire and stabbed the cyclops in the eye with it then he tied himself and his men underneath the sheep and sailed off and the cyclops yelled "Nobody has blinded me!" so the othe ( Full Answer )

How did Odysseus leave Calypsos' island?

Athena told her father Zeus that Odysseus wanted to go home to see his wife and son so Zeus told Hermes to go and tell Calypso to let Odysseus leave her island. She agreed and told Odysseus to make a boat and she gave him food and wine for his journey

What does Odysseus and his men discover in the cave?

They Discover There Are Some Cyclops In The Cave Then He Said His Name Was Noman He Poked The Cyclops eye Wiff A Hot Stick & Now He blind & his Bros Asked Him Who Hurt him & He Said Noman So They Think The Gods Are Punishing Him I Kno This Cuz I Read Bout This In Ms.Suttons Class 1Period Well It Was ( Full Answer )

How does Odysseus and his men overcome the sirens?

Odysseus orders his men to tie him to the mast of the ship so he can hear the song if the sirens, and to not cut him loose whatever he say. He then orders the men to pit wax in their ears sobthey can't hear the sirens taunting them to their death

How does Odysseus men treat him?

They treat him like a god they do what ever he asks them to do and always listen to him because he is their leader and he is more intelligent