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Ralph runs away in "Lord of the Flies" because he is being hunted by Jack and his tribe, who have descended into savagery. Ralph knows that his life is in danger, and his only option is to run and hide in order to survive.

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Q: Why does Ralph runs away in lord of the files?
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Who runs for leader against Ralph during the first meeting lord of the files?

Jack runs for leader against Ralph during the first meeting in "Lord of the Flies." Jack represents a more savage and authoritarian leadership style, while Ralph emphasizes order and civilization.

What does Ralph see when he runs away to the forest?

Ralph sees the naval officer upon his arrival in the forest. The officer is part of the rescue party that has come to save the boys stranded on the island.

Lord of the Flies- How does Ralph manage to survive during the hunt for him?

Ralph survives during the hunt for him by hiding and using his wits to evade capture. He utilizes his knowledge of the island's geography to stay ahead of the other boys and relies on his instincts for self-preservation. Ralph's ability to think quickly and adapt to the situation helps him evade danger until he is eventually rescued.

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How does Ralph manage to survive once the hunt for him begins?

He avoids being killed because he is so close to the cliff wall with Jack it goes straight over Ralph and Jack.

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Explain the exchange of power at the beginning of chapter 8 in lord of the flies?

Jack accuses Ralph of not being fit to be the leader and asks the boys if they want Jack fired as chief, but no one responds to him. He runs off crying and saying that he is no longer going to be part of Ralph's group.

What are the 2 worlds the narrator say that jack and Ralph depict?

The two worlds that the narrator says Jack and Ralph depict in "Lord of the Flies" are the world of order and civilized society (represented by Ralph) and the world of savagery and primal instincts (represented by Jack). These two characters embody the conflict between civilization and chaos that runs throughout the novel.

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How does Ralph feel about hitting the boar with the spear?

In an effort to be accepted by the hunters, Ralph throws a spear and hits the boar. Unfortunately, the spear doesn't stay in the animal and it runs away. Therefore, Ralph is unable to gain acceptance from the hunters.