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This occurs when he visits with the Ghost . Scrooge sees that happiness and fun being had and starts to join in. It it here we see Scrooge starting to break down his misery hard exterior

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Because he sees his uncles attitude destroying his ability to enjoy life and family

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Mostly because he believes Scrooge to be very lonely. And he has no friends in his life.

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Fred is Scrooges only living relative

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Q: Why does Scrooge seek reconciliation with Fred and his wife?
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In addition to Bob Cratchit with what other people does scrooge seek to be reconciled?

His nephew Fred, Fred's wife, and Tiny Tim.

What did Fred's wife say about Scrooge?

Her name is never mentioned in the original story

What does Fred ask Scrooge when he comes to the counting house?

Simply to invite his old uncle to dine with him and his family

In 'A Christmas Carol' who is Fred married to?

She says several things, pretty much all of them derogatory to Ebenezer, in Part 3 of the book. She also figures out that her husband was thinking of his Uncle Ebenezer in the game of "Yes or No" at their home.

What does Fred want from Scrooge in A Christmas Carol?

Fred is the only son of Scrooge's sister Fran, and his only living relative. Fred makes it clear in "A Christmas Carol" that he wants nothing of his uncle, except for his acceptance of an invitation to dinner. Fred knows that Scrooge is his own worst enemy and renews the invitation every year at Christmas. One of Scrooge's greatest acts of contrition and redemption is to finally accept his nephew's invitation, and make peace with Fred's wife.

Why does Scrooge not like his nephew's wife?

He feels that marriage is not worth it, having lost his own fiancee due to his greed for money and he has the opinion that his nephew should not have a burden of a wife. Fred points out that he has and always will love his wife. Scrooge's mind changes and he sees Fred happy and content in his life and understands what he himself has lost.

How did Scrooge react to his nephews question?

He was continually dislissive citing the Fred should "keep Christmas in your way and I will in mine!"

What is Scrooge's attitude toward toward his nephew?

Initially cold and distance to the point of extreme rudeness. In stave 5 Scrooge sees the error of his ways and begs for forgiveness of Fred and his wife

Why does Scrooge visits nephew?

He goes on Christmas Day to beg Fred and Freds wife's forgiveness for being such a wicked miserly old man

Who comes to scrooge's business to invite him to a Christmas celebration?

Scrooge sent an enormous, prize-winning turkey to the Bob Crachit family then invited himself to Christmas Dinner with his nephew Fred, where he was welcomed with open arms.

What does Fred 's wife say about Scrooge?

Freds wife is supportive of he husband (Scrooges nephew) but sees that the old man is making life more difficult for himself and in part is sorry for the unrepentant old miser

What would Fred think would be a positive outcome of his Christmas invitation to Scrooge p paragraph 114 the sentence beginning if it only?

He would have hoped that Uncle Ebenezer would accept his offer to join Fred and his wife for Christmas Dinner