Why does Theodore Roethke compare Jane to birds in Elegy for Jane?

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Theodore Roethke compares Jane to the birds in Elegy for Jane because Jane is actually a bird. He refers to Jane for most of the poem as "my sparrow."
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Who is Jane doe?

Jane Doe is a name used for a woman whos name is yet to be determined

Who was Jane mccray?

Jane McCray was killed by Indians under the command of General Bergoine. This event gave fuel to the Americans to defeat Bergoine at Saratoga for the first major American victory in the Revolutionary War Back in the 1700 she was accussed of being a witch and was hung 10 years later she reappeared a ( Full Answer )

Who is Jane Eyre?

Jane Eyre is the main character of the book of the same name by Charlotte Bronte published in 1847. The book Jane Eyre is basically telling you to be true to your decisions and something good will always come out of it. Charlotte Bronte died at age 38 and published her books under pseudonyms.

Who was Calamity Jane?

Martha Jane Cannary, known as Calamity Jane (1852-1903), was a notorious American frontier woman in the days of the Wild West. She usually dressed in men's clothing and passed as a man to get jobs such as a muleskinner, railroad worker, and army scout. She could drink, gamble, and shoot with the bes ( Full Answer )

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the "jane fonda," as in Mickey Avalon's song, is a three some between two girls and a guy. its not a dance at all.

Compare contrast Jane Eyre bertha mason to what extent can you justify the view that bertha is the other half of Jane?

Bertha Mason, from a Jungian point of view is Jane Eyre's archetypal shadow. The loud, subversive, and sexually wanton "bad" Bertha is a Victorian nightmare, while Jane is quiet, subservient and a virginal "good" woman. Bertha is exotic and dark, physically large uncouth, and wild Creole woman who r ( Full Answer )

Who was Jane eyre?

"Jane Eyre" is a classic British novel published in 1847 by Charlotte Bronte, under the pseudonym Currer Bell. In the book, the title character is a plain, quiet orphan who lives with her wealthy but cruel aunt and cousins, who torment her to no end. At a young age, she is practically disowned by he ( Full Answer )

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Jane Pittman was a slave which author Ernest J. Gaines wrote about in his book, The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman. He wrote it in 1971 but in 1974 it was made into an Emmy Award winning made for TV movie starring Cicely Tyson.

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Jane is a Hebrew name and means "God is gracious". people may call her god of gracious but i have a better name for her that i call her and it is mum!! mum if you ever learn how to use a computer and you are reading this i would like you to know that i love EVERYTHING you do even when we fight i en ( Full Answer )

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Who is Jane Yolen?

Jane Yolen is an American writer. She has written around 300 books, mostly in the fantasy genre. One of her better known series is Pit Dragon . These include Dragon's Blood, Heart's Blood , A Sending of Dragons. In addition to fantasy, she writes science fiction, folklore, and children's books ( Full Answer )

What did Jane Austen do?

Wrote many popular period books, and there are societies dedicated to the reading of those books and celebration of the authors life.

What rhymes with Jane?

Bane, cane, dane, feign, gain, lane, mane, main, inane, insane, pane, pain, rain, Spain, sane, slain, stain, vein, vane, vain, wane,chain,insane.

Which is grammatically correct Jane and me or Jane and I?

They are equally grammatically correct. Where 'I' would be correct (subject of verb) 'Jane and I' will obviously be correct. Where 'me' would be correct (object of verb) 'Jane and me' will obviously be correct. 'I am going shopping.' 'Jane and I are going shopping.' 'He gave the money to me. ( Full Answer )

Who is Jane Slaughter?

Jane Slaughter is a British actress who is best known for playing the recurring background role of Tracey in EastEnders [1] from 1986.. She also appeared as Joanna in The History Man in 1981 and played Petrova in Ballet Shoes in 1975. [1]

Are there auditions for Jane?

I'm not fully sure but i think the part Dakota fanning plays is Jane who makes ppl feel pain :( and apparently their probably gonna use a gci for renesmee witch is a robot it might just b a rumor I'm really bummed cause i herd the oldest their gonna go is 7 :(

Who is Jane Austin?

Jane austen was a very famous author in the 19th century. Her work included pride and prejudice, sense and sensibility, mansfield park, Emma etc. Austen died in 1817.

In Jane Eyre what does the gypsy suggest to Jane?

The gyspy is trying to get Jane to say if there is anybody in the Thornfield that she likes.. She also keeps asking about her relationship with Mr. Rochester, but Jane does not give anything away to her.

What did Jane Addams do?

Jane Addams founded the hull house settlement in 1889.She was the first American woman to win the Nobel Peace Price.

Compare and contrast the personalities of Jane Bennett and Elizabeth Bennett?

Elizabeth and Jane Bennet are the only Bennet girls who are sensible, but that is about at far as there similarities go. They differ in their ideas about love and how they look on the world. Elizabeth looks on the world and people in general with an eye ready to censure if she sees things wrong or c ( Full Answer )

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a Jane is a female donkey while a jack is a male sometimes referred to to as a jackass

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Jane has these special powers that can, like control you or something like that so Edward is like knelling on the ground

How does Jane White's Quarry compare with William Golding's Lord of the Flies?

Both of the following quote come from 'the neglected book page' website. Peter Brooke , who directed the 1963 movie version of Lord of the Flies said... It's a British novel from 1960s about three adolescent boys who kidnap a boy and keep him in a cave in a quarry. It's been compared to Lord of th ( Full Answer )

Who is Jane in Maroon5?

There is not a member named Jane.The song uses the name as their album ( i.e. songs about Jane ) as a metaphor. She was Adam's ex-girlfriend and who inspired the songs on the album

How does Rochester seduce Jane in Jane Eyre?

Rochester does not use any special technique to seduce Jane Eyre, however he does take her for a walk every day and tells her about his travels throughout the world. These actions create the image of a really interesting man that cares about her and treats her as an equal, Jane Eyre becomes madly in ( Full Answer )

Who is Jane beale?

Jane Beale is the wife of Ian Beale in the UK soap "EastEnders". She is played by Laurie Brett.

Who is Laura Jane?

she is an Australian author, who wrote and published her first book at 11 years old

Why is calamity Jane calamity Jane?

Calamity Jane got her name by saving a leader while heading back to the Post. It all started when Capt Egan was shot while riding his horse. Calamity (Martha) saw him falling and rode over and caught him just in time. As he recovered he laughingly said"I name you Calamity Jane, heroine of the plains ( Full Answer )

Is janee the pretty?

it all depends if she is being herself or not, or if she is wearing make up instead of her natural looks im only 11 years old and know that

Who Is Jane Laev?

Jane Laev is a Professional Astrologer conducting a worldwide practice from her office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is most known for her gambling prediction columns with nationwide casinos. Her practice also includes consultations and public speaking engagements with professional associations and c ( Full Answer )

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she helped find medication for cancer whilst she was ill herself. she died on September 3rd 2007.

Who was Jane Lynch and what did she do?

Jane Lynch is an actress. She has appeared on many television shows like, Two and a Half Men and Criminal Minds. She currently plays the role of Sue Sylvester in Glee.

Who bullied Jane in Jane Eyre?

John Reed who she lives with from chapter 1 to 5. He bullies her since she's an orphan and depends on the Reed family.

Who plays Jane in 2011 Jane Eyre?

Mia Wasikowska plays Jane in the 2011 movie Jane Eyre. This is the same actress who was in popular movies such as Alice in Wonderland (2010) and Restless (2011).

How old is Jane in Jane by design?

The character Jane Quimby is probably 17 because she is a senior in the show (she was a contender for class valedictorian). In a recent episode she had a birthday so she turned 18 now. Erica Dasher (born October 26, 1986) was 25 when she starred in the series that ran from January to August 2012, ( Full Answer )

Was Jane from Jane Eyre benevolent?

Certainly, she"s a good-girl character, not a femme Fatal or some sort of well, female gangster type. Lead man Rochester ( not the Jack Benny character!) sort of vacillates between a tough guy, heel, and Good guy, they obviously see too much of each other, and there is a morbid air of captivity to t ( Full Answer )

What is the theme of the poem the storm by Theodore roethke?

The theme of the poem is about the storm in a certain place. No, it is not. Please don't listen to this very vague answer, you'll find a better one someplace else where people are seriously answering your question.

Who is Jane Perkins?

Jane Perkins is an artist. She models using bit of used materials, she now only uses plastic. Her work has brought a lot of inspiration to other artists. She is based in Devon. She has a website, bluebirds.

Why was Jane at gateshall?

Jane was an orphan. She is a Gateshall because her uncle promisedher that he would take care of her.

Is Jane a noun?

Yes, the word 'Jane' is a noun, a proper noun , the name of a person.

Who is Jane the killer?

"Jane the Killer" is not a who it's a what. It is aninternet fiction loosely based on the internet fiction "Jeff thekiller."

Is Jane a pronoun?

No, the word 'Jane' is a noun , a word for aperson. A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun in a sentence. The personal pronouns that take the place of thenoun 'Jane' are she as the subject of a sentenceor a clause, and her as the object of a verb or apreposition. Example: Jane ( Full Answer )

Who is Jane Krakowski?

Jane Krakowski, a singer and actress who began performing as a child, probably is best known for her multi-Emmy Award-nominated role as Jenna Maroney on the NBC sitcom "30 Rock." In 2003, she won the Tony Award for Featured Actress in a Musical for her performance in the Broadway revival of "Nine."

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i'm not sure all i know is that michael and jane end the weddingand then rafeal asks her to marry him, she rejects and ruins therelation ship. Who does she marry in season two? stay tuned to findout.