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Why does Victor Frankenstein consent to creating a female monster?

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Frankenstein feels that his creature needs a female monster to commiserate about their awful existence. The monster tells him that Frankenstein is his creator and the monster is Adam. The monster needs an Eve.

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Victor Frankenstein is famous for creating a living monster out of canabolized body parts.

Victor Frankenstein described the monster with evil, murderer, destroyer...

Victor von Frankenstein is the creator of the monster (who has no name) in the story. He made the monster.

Dr. Victor Frankenstein was the creator of the Frankenstein monster.The monster itself has no name.

Victor is the protagonist of the book. Victor created the monster for the goodness of mankind. He had pure intentions, but he played god by creating life.

Frankenstein. His first name is Victor. Doctor Victor von Frankenstein is the creator of the monster. The monster has no name except 'monster'.

Victor Frankenstein was a scientist who created the monster.

he gose into a coma and has a vision of creating the monster

Victor Frankenstein Remember- Frankenstein is the creator not the monster!

Victor Frankenstein was the scientist who created the monster in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.VictorVictor

The doctor was Dr. Victor Frankenstein. The monster wasn't originally referred to as Frankenstein, but as "Frankenstein's monster."

Victor Frankenstein was the scientist, who created the monster. The monster is often called Frankenstein's monster, or simply Frankenstein.

No. Victor is searching for the monster he created.

Victor Frankenstein first officially met the monster once Victor Frankenstein brought the monster to life. Before that, the monster was just a collection of body parts that Victor Frankenstein assembled and attached together. Then, using the power of electricity, and lightning, the monster was brought to life - and was not too pleased (according to my memory of reading the story many years ago).

The Frankenstein monster: Boris Karloff Victor (Henry in the movie) Frankenstein: Colin Clive

Mary Shelley wrote the book Frankenstein, and Victor Frankenstein creates the creature.

because he greated monesterBy Frankenstein do you mean Victor Frankenstein the creatorof the monster or Frankenstein as in the Monster? Sometimes people get the two confused. Well if you meant the Monster, then he wanted Justine to die to make Victor (his creator) suffer from guilt. The Monster hated Victor for creating him so flawed, abandoning him, and refusing to make another monster to keep him company. Thus the Monster set out to punish/threaten Victor by way of murdering and ruining Victors loved ones. However if you mean why did Victor Frankenstein want Justine to die, my only answer is he didn't. Victor didn't want Justine to die. In fact he felt quite guilty about it because the monster framed her because of him, he couldn't save her without incriminating himself, not to mention it was unlikely anyone would believe him.

how did victor Frankenstein how did he made the monster? He stole dead bodies and sewed them together into a new whole, and zapped it a bit with high voltage electricity.

Victor Frankenstein is the man who made the monster the general public now refers to as Frankenstein

Frankenstein is victors last named .victor is the creator ,the monster didn't have any name

When Victor neared completion of the female monster, he destroyed it.

Well, he tried to but the monster was evasive.