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Why does YouTube NOT run on Windows 98?


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2010-02-24 16:25:22
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You can download patches and Java and it should work. Update windows.

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Windows 98 isn't officially supported, but it has been run on Windows 98. If you cannot get the latest release to run, try downloading an older release like 2.45, which is known to work well in Windows 98.

Many applications and games written for or compatible with Windows 98 will run on Windows Vista.

Most games written for Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 will run on Windows 98. Games that were only written with Windows 2000 or later in mind will usually not run on Windows 98.

It will run, but very poorly. I recommend not using Windows 98. Windows 98 is very unsecured, incompatible, and very unreliable in todays computers.

No. Only Windows XP is supported; Windows 95/98/ME/2000 are not supported and are not planned to be in the future.

DBAN does not run on Windows 98. It is run as its own operating system. To run DBAN, you must configure your computer to boot from a CD or DVD.

No version of Google Chrome has ever supported Windows 98.

Not all but most DOS software can run on Windows 98..

No. It has to be more recent, at least Windows 2000.

No, only Mac and Windows XP (and newer)

Use VMWare and run a windows 98 or windows 2000 operating system.

No. Windows 98 does not support more than one processor. You can run Windows 98 on a dual-core processor, but only one core will be used.

The last version of Windows Media Player that will run on Windows 98 is WMP9. WinAmp 5.35 is the last version of WinAmp to support Windows 98. The last version of VLC to support Windows 98 (officially) is 0.8.6. The latest version of Media Player Classic still supports Windows 98.

Run the game on compatibility mode for windows 98 or windows me

Windows 98 is on top off MS-DOS. It can´t run alone.

There are thousands of games that run on Windows 98. With the proper codecs installed, virtually any type of media file can be played on Windows 98, as long as the computer is technically powerful enough for it.

You can try to run it in the compatibility mode. But 99% of games for Windows 98 will not work under Vista.

A disadvantage of Windows 98 is that newer software does not run on this operating system. Another disadvantage is that there is not anymore support available to do updates.

The last version of Adobe Flash Player that will run on Windows 98 is

The free trial can be found on the Adobe Website, but there are multiple free full downloads on youtube for CS3. CS3 Doesn't run on Windows 7 or Windows '98, but does on XP and Vista. I downloaded it and it works great.

You can technically download any version on Windows 98. However, versions 8.0 and 8.1 are the only versions that will both run on Windows 98 and still connect to the Yahoo network.

I think your best bet is to partition your hard drive and run two operating systems. I think the platform of both operating systems are different. some older programs use MS-DOS which can run in windows 98 but wont run in XP and higher versions of windows. there are also emulator programs you can use to run older programs. As for running 98 in a windows 7 environment I don't believe that is possible.

Neither one is a particular computer (they are manufacturers, not model names), and neither has a product lineup solely compatible or incompatible with Windows 98. IBM made several workstations with PowerPC processors that obviously cannot run Windows 98, and newer Macs have Intel processors that can run Windows 98, though the hardware is not fully compatible.

No. Windows CE and Windows 98 are not oriented to the same devices and are not binary compatible. There are some x86-based Windows CE devices, but you cannot run the installation program from inside Windows CE, and the hardware is still likely incompatible with Windows 98, meaning you can't boot the CD.

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