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a ball rolls faster in grass because grass is sorter and dirt is harder and dirty

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Q: Why does a ball roll faster in grass or dirt?
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Which does a ball roll farther in grass or dirt?

Neither. The ball rolls faster on cement, not grass, or dirt.

What is the controlled variable for does a ball roll farther on grass than on dirt?

Varibles and controls for does a ball roll faster on grass or dirt

Does a ball roll father on grass or dirt or carpet?

A ball will roll faster on carpet than grass or dirt because there are NO rocks or anything.

Does a ball roll faster on grass or dirt?

Dirt , assuming it is flat and dry . The answer depends upon the velocity of the ball and what resistance there is in either the dirt or grass .

What is the background information for does a ball roll faster on grass or dirt?

It rolls faster on dirt because there is less friction on dirt to slow the ball down.

Does a ball roll faster in the dirt as it does in the grass?

The answer is: Of course not! I would imagine it depends on the particular dirt and the particular grass though.

Does a ball roll farther on grass or dirt?

My answer is dirt I'd say dirt because the dirt is more flat than the dirt.Also,the grass has the leaves poped out so the ball will be faster on dirt......

Does a ball roll better on grass than dirt?

Yes a ball roll is better on grass than dirt

Will the ball roll farther on grass or dirt?

On Dirt On Dirt

Does a ball roll faster on the grass or on dirt?

Dirt if there are fewer rocks, the grass blades act as extra friction and counter movers for the ball whereas a dirt path would have only the normal amount of resistance.

Does a ball roll further on grass or dirt?

A ball can go further on grass than dirt because in dirt there are some rocks that can stop the ball.

Why does a ball roll farther on grass than dirt?

The reason a ball rolls farther on dirt is because the grass has more potenial than dirt because once you roll the ball really hard the ball will slow down on grass and the grass is sometimes standing up and the dirt doesn't have any thing to stop the ball the dirt is is flat unlike the grass.

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