Why does a bathroom sink gurgle after the toilet is flushed?


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Drain is partially clogged or the vent pipe is stopped up. Also check the vent holes underneath the rim of the toilet and clean them out.

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rest room: toilet and a sink bathroom: toilet, sink and a shower or a bathing tub sometimes both

Generally, a washroom has a sink and toilet. A bathroom has a sink, toilet and tub. But the words are often used interchangeably.

Whether or not a toilet is cleaner than a bathroom sink depends on how well the two are cleaned. If the toilet is disinfected more often than the sink, it is probably cleaner.

Bath sink is not vented properly so it is using the kitchen sink as the vent.

A bathroom would have a toilet-sink-tub and or shower. A half bath has a toilet maybe a sink but no tub or shower.

Soap, Toilet, Toilet paper, A Sink, Depending on the bathroom there could be a shower.

uhh a toilet, toilet paper, sink, towel, stall

Bathroom fixtures are the tub, sink, toilet, bidet and faucets.

This indicates that it has a toilet, sink and a shower but no bathtub. A 1.50 indicates that it has a toilet, sink but no shower or bathtub.

A half bathroom is one that contains a sink and toilet only. Leslie

things that get flushed down the toilet sink bath all of that.

it is a sink, toilet and a shower (if it has a bathtub it would be a 4 piece bathroom)

If it has a toilet, sink, and shower, it is a 3/4 bath. If it has a toilet and sink, it is a half bath. If it has only a toilet, it is a latrine.

The toilet and the sink both drain into the grey water waste lines. Because they are connected by piping, sound can travel through the pipes from the toilet to the sink.

In the bathroom you find a toilet, sink, bathtub and soap. You also find toilet paper, plumbing, towels and water.

You can't actually buy a bathroom, you can buy a sink, toilet, and bathtub though.

There is an air pocket in one of your pipes, or you could have a small clog. I had the same problem and live in Canada so I got Roto Rooter up to clean out my pipes. It didn't cost that much.

The gurgling in your kitchen sink drain trap is because your drain system from you upstairs toilet is not vented properly. As the flow drops down the vertical drain pipe from the upstairs it sucks the water out of your kitchen sink drain trap and causes it to gurgle. It could drain the kitchen sink trap and allow sewer gas to flow into your kitchen. The fix is to either install an Air Admittance Valve (AAV) in your kitchen sink drain plumbing or properly vent the upstairs toilet drain.

Although a pedestal sink can be a stylish bathroom feature, pedestal sinks do not add storage space to your bathroom like countertop sinks do. When you have a pedestal sink, you cannot store toilet paper, shampoo, and other bathroom items under your sink. You will need to find another place. Consider buying a spacious medicine cabinet for all your bathroom accessories. There are also many discrete toilet paper holders that let you store toilet paper right by the commode. Even if you have a pedestal sink, there are plenty of storage options you can use in your family's bathroom.

The "soil stack" that allows your drain pipes to breath when draining is clogged. It's a pipe that sticks out the top of your roof and allows air in. It's probably got leaves or a nest in it or something so the system is pulling air in through the toilet.

Every toilet should be wet vented with the sink in the bathroom.

Well, it depends on how you are going to use a bathroom. The basics are a toillet, toilet paper, a sink, a cabinet.

It's like the expanding ripples you see in a pond when you toss a pebble in. Every drain in your house leads to the same exit path - so to that extent, they are all interconnected. A "ripple" of the water going into the waste line from the toilet is heard as a fainter echo (and slight pressure change) in the gurgle of the kitchen sink. It is perfectly normal.

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