Why does a car idle too low?

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A car can idle too low because there is a leak in the vacuum. Cracks or breaks on the vacuum hoses in the cars engine could be the cause of this.

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Q: Why does a car idle too low?
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Why does the car turns off if you are not pushing on the gas?

Check your idle, your idle might be too low so it is stalling your car.

Why your car stalls when you turn the AC on?

The idle is set too low or there is an electrical problem

Why car stall with ac on a 92 mercury topaz?

Idle could possibly be too low.

When starting car engine idle is very low?

Since it is starting from 0, the engine idle is low.

What does a bad idle mean?

Bad idle may refer to many things. Generally it means the idle is too high, too low, or there are misfires.

How do I set Idle On 1988 Monte Carlo ss?

There are several ways but one of whic is to turn the distributor clockwise or counterclockwise to get the desired idle. Too low however will stall your car.

Why is your 94 Ford Escort Wagon vibrating while you put it in reverse or drive?

check the idle speed with the car in gear, if it has a tac on the dash it should idle in gear at about 700 rpm if its too low the car will vibrate or stall.

Why would a car stall after it warms up and comes to a stop?

I would suggest that the Choke is switching off and then the idle is set too low

Could a bad alternator make the car idle low?


Will a weak battery cause car to be idle low?

Not likely but possible.

How can you get the low 500 rpm idle up a little on a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee 6 cylinder?

The idle speed is computer controlled. If the idle is too low, there is a problem with a ssensor or the idle speed motor.

Why does my 1997 dodge ram conversion van shake when in idle?

It could be misfiring. It could be set to idle too low. The timing could be off. Check what your RPMs are when the car is idling- it should be 8,000.

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