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The cloudy weather brings us cool weather because of the air without air we will die.

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Q: Why does a cloudy sky bring about cool weather?
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What is the opposite of a clear sky?


What is the difference between sky gold and regular golf?

It is the the astronomer’s forecast, referring the conditions of the weather. The weather is good for astronomical observation when the weather is sky gold. But regular gold, the weather might possibly be cloudy.

What is the antonym for the word cloudy?

I guess 'clear' like: the sky is cloudy. or: the sky is clear.

What is cloudy weather?

Its pretty much the way it sounds its when there are alot of clouds out and that's pretty much all you can see in the sky.

Does a red sky bring bad weather?

Well, the fishermen say that if the sky is pinkish in the morning, then there will be bad weather. and if its pinkish at night, then the weather will be good. These are just legends though.

Why is it more likely to be a frosty night in winter if the sky is clear?

When sky is clear the heat from earth will radiate to space and cool the night air faster. If cloudy the heat radiated is reflected back from clouds and it does not get so cool

Does weather effect star visibility in the night sky?

The clarity of the night sky is an indicator of weather too diffuse to be yet noticeable in daylight.This was used by the ancient Polynesian navigators, and is commented on by writers such as Lewis, We the Navigators.

Why are the sky conditions for a cyclone cloudy?

In a cyclone, air tends to move up, which causes it to cool. Moisture in that air then condenses, forming clouds.

Sky is to river as what is to cloudy?


What is a cloudy day?

A cloudy day is when the sky is full of clouds which block out the sun.

What was the weather like at Jesus' last supper?

Normally the sky is clear in the spring in Jerusalem. It is rare to find clouds in the sky. The Bible gives no clue as to the weather conditions on that day.

Is it going to be sunny or snowing if there isn't a single cloud in the sky?

"No clouds bring all are weather"