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Why does a curve ball drop right at home plate?

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it drops there because when you throw a slow ball it will dorp there too.also when you throw a curve,you put top spin on it and a curve is slow too and if you want to hit it you are goin to have to watch it all the way and then hit.

2006-07-11 20:52:59
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What are all the pitches in softball?

Fast ball, curve ball, drop ball, screw ball, rise ball, change up, curve drop, off speed curve.

How many ways can you throw a ball?

well being a softball pitcher myself, I throw 6 different pitches. There is the fastball, change-up, drop-ball, rise-ball, curve-ball, and screw-ball. There are also variations of each pitch, inside outside, high low. I throw a backdoor curve ball where instead of ending up on the outside of the plate to a right handed batter, it ends up on the inside. I do the same with my screwball.

What are Jennie Finch's pitches?

Fastball, curve ball, drop ball, rise ball, screw ball, knuckle ball, change up

What does the baseball term Yellow Hammer mean?

Yellow Hammer is a term for a curve ball that not only breaks but has a big drop to it. Another term for Yellow Hammer is a '12 to 6' curve ball. Other terms for a curve ball are 'yakker' and 'Uncle Charlie'.

How are curve-balls thrown?

"Choke" the ball (wedge it down between your thumb and forefinger), and tilt your wrist to the left; the ball snaps down and to the right on release. The resulting pitch should drop and curve to the left. Experiment with different speeds and spins. The best method of a curve ball is to learn to throw it curved upward. Instant strike every time, guaranteed.

How many different softball pitches are there?

The most basic pitch is the fastball. There is also the change-up, curveball, drop-ball, rise-ball, screwball, drop-curve, rise-curve, and knuckleball. So, I guess there are nine different softball pitches. Hope that helped!

How do you beat level 7 of civiballs in Greece?

1. Drop the gray ball on the bottom right.2. Drop the gray ball on the bottom left.3. Drop the gray ball on the bottom middle.4. Um... I don't know how to say this but I'll do my best to say it: Break any chain that the final gray ball connects to, then at the right timing, drop the green ball into the cannon, if the green ball hits the gray ball then that means you have done it right, the green ball will fly into the green vase.

What is the effects of spin on a softball?

For pitching, the spin can cause the ball to either rise, drop, curve, or do a combination of those things.

What is a drop ball?

it is a pitch in fastpitch softball that's starts knee to thigh high and drops through the strike zone while crossing the plate preferably into the dirt right in front of the catcher.

How many pitches in softball are there?

In softball there is a change-up, fastball, drop-ball, rise-ball, and screwball. Other variations can them stem from these basic pitches. Such as an off speed curve-ball, or the even nastier back door off speed curve ball. It is beneficial if pitches have a pitch they can throw very well if they are looking to being recruited of being a top-notch player.

How do you beat level 9 in china civiballs?

1. Drop the silver ball closest to the red ball on the right.2. Once the red ball gets a little up the hill, drop the silver ball nearest to that same red ball.3. Drop the only silver ball left to the left.4. Break the chain above the green ball.5. When the green ball hovers above the green vase, break the only chain left that connects to the green ball.6. Drop the final red ball down the slope.

How do you beat level 7 in Inca civiballs 2?

First, you drop the ball first to the right of the biggest ball.Then, cut the left chain of the red ball and drop it into the launcher on the right and cut the chain launcher for that one.The ball should go flying upward and bounce of the biggest ball. Drop the biggest ball when it is swinging to the left. This will make it fall into the crevice above the green ball. Then, drop the green ball into the left launcher.It will fly upwards, bounce off the biggest ball, and fly into its green cup. Now there should only be the red ball and a gray ball on a chain. Drop that ball. It will fall onto the red ball, and the red ball will roll into its red cup. By the way, do'nt worry about Inca level 8. That is 2 E-Z! Happy Civiballing! :D

What channel can you watch the ball drop on on Verizon?

What channel can you watch the ball drop on on version

If your golf ball is on the cart path and a drop is allowed how many times can you drop the ball?

You drop it once, if it comes to rest on the path, you drop it again, on the second drop if it comes to rest on the path you place it where the ball touched the grass first on the second drop.

What are variations of fastpitch softball pitches?

RISE BALL, CURVE BALL, DROP BALL Add Fastball, change-up and screw ball. It comes down to some other esoteric and idiosyncratic definitions and much like men's baseball there are some very fine definition points and creative labels given to pitches by players and coaches and also inconsistency in naming. In most fastpitch softball what would be called a curve in baseball is a drop ball (perceived vertical movement), and what baseballers would call a slider is a curve (perceived horizontal movement). Missed above are screw-ball, change-up, and straight on fast ball. Essentially a ball can be delivered with different rotations and speed and that will impact the horizontal and vertical movement potential and everything else is a matter of physics. Curves, Screw, drop and rise balls appear to do what they do not because of some laws of physics that accomplished pitchers know how to break but because of the shifting perspective of those watching the ball and experience based predictions. A hitter who understands and identifies ball rotation and speed and can act on that instinctively will be a star.

What is a drop ball in soccer?

a drop ball is when you pass the ball back to someone on your team behind you. For example when im in middle field and someone says drop! i turn around and pass the ball to a defender on my team.

What are Three ways of passing the ball?

drop it drop it drop it and let us not forget drop it

Is drop a verb?

yes <><> Can be a verb- Drop the ball Can be a noun- A drop of water

Do you drop bat when you hit ball and run to base in softball?

Yes you drop the bat after you hit the ball.

Does the ball have to touch the floor when the ball is knocked on in rugby?

not unless its a drop kick or a drop penalty kick.

When you drop a ball what is the action force on the ball?


How do you drop the ball on Farmville?

For the Jan 1st 2011 "New Year's Party Barn" with the ball on top, just click on the ball and it will drop.

What happens if you drop the ball in rugby?

If you drop the ball forward in Rugby, it is called an "knock on", that means the ball has to be handed over to the other team If the ball goes back, it is play on.

How do you bounce ball?

you drop it.

Why do they drop the ball on at 12 00am New Year's Day?

They drop the ball o signify the new year.