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to keep the baby kangaroo safe and warm


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The mother kangaroo carries her baby (joey) in her pouch.

Something that has a pouch to carry it's baby in such as a kangaroo

No. Not only does the male kangaroo not have a pouch, but the male has no part at all in raising the young joey.

A kangaroo joey is carried Ina pouch, known as a marsupium. Most female marsupials carry their young in a pouch, and only a few species do not have a pouch.

It dives back into its mother's pouch, hoping that she will carry it to safety.

A kangaroo keeps their baby(joey) in its pouch

A marsupial is an animal that has a pouch. A kangaroo has a pouch so it is considered a marsupial. A kangaroo uses the pouch to carry their young after they give birth.

Male seahorses carry their young in a pouch simillar to a kangaroo.

It goes in the pouch. The mother kangaroo cleans out her pouch at regular intervals.

They are like a kangaroo and carry their off springs in a pouch.

the men seahorses carry the baby and they carry it in their pouch. men seahorses can carry up to 2,000 baby seahorses in their pouch.

For a start, the kangaroo does not use "his" pouch for anything. Only the female kangaroo has a pouch. This pouch is not used to just "carry" the joey, but it acts as the womb does in placental mammals, protecting and nurturing the young joey while it is developing. It has no other function apart from this. It is not used to collect food or for any other purpose.

A kangaroo pouch is in fact also called a sac. Kangaroos will typically carry their young inside of these pouches.

The female kangaroo does: her brood pouch.

Baby kangaroos (joeys) only emerge from their mother's pouch at about 7 months.

A pouch is a place for marsupials such as kangaroos to carry their young. Kangaroo baby climb to the pouch after being born at around 31-36 days. Inside the pouch, there are teats for the joey and this is a warm place for it to develop fully. They stay in the pouch for about nine months.

The kangaroo mother carries her 'joey' baby in her pouch to keep it warm and safe.

It isn’t in a tree but the mother’s pouch. A kangaroo is a marsupial.

There are a great many things that a kangaroo can do. A kangaroo can jump on it's two back legs and carry it's young in a pouch for example.

Kangaroos usually pouch their Joeys (baby). When a Kangaroo gives birth it puts its Joey in their pouch.

It's not a pocket, it's a pouch but the baby stays there for protection from things in the outside world such as predators. The joey (baby kangaroo) stays in the pouch until it is old enough to fend for itself

A baby kangaroo cannot jump at 5 months old. At this stage, it does not even leave the pouch. A baby kangaroo only begins to venture from its mother's pouch at 6 months of age, and at this stage it walks, rather than jumps.

Yes, they do. The mother kangaroo must clean out the pouch from time to time, and this is done by licking the pouch clean.Yes. Young joeys do indeed excrete their waste in the mother kangaroo's pouch. The female kangaroo cleans out her pouch regularly by licking it out.

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