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As a mother of 3 beautiful angels i can say that i have no preferance to either of my children. yes, i treat them different because i love them in different ways but my love is still indefinite towards them.

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โˆ™ 2008-08-18 21:39:30
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Q: Why does a mother love her second child or the youngest child the most?
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Is it normal for a mother not to love her child?


How should you approach breaking up with someone you love when you are going back to your child's mother?

To break up with the one you love just to go back with the mother of your child is not the solution. What you should be doing is staying with the person you love; meet with the mother of your child and tell her you will support your child and be part of that child's life and there is no reason why the mother of your child can't get out and work. To break up with the one you love and end up living with the mother of your child will only create heartbreak between the parents of that child and it will not be a good environment for that child.

Why does the mother fear that her child would die?

Because she love her child.

What is the meaning of the poem 'Child and Mother' by Eugene Field?

In my opinion, poem 'child and Mother's Eugene Field was complete with the love between a child and the mother love,caring between a mother and a child...the poem is really meaningful and superb...

How do you win back the mother of your child?

You need to love her and show her that she is the most important thing in your life. Talk to her, get her to listen to you so you can convince her. If you love your child you will his/ her mother.

Do men love a child more if they love the mother?

Not necessarily. There are no rules for parental love. A man could love his child's mother and not love his child at all; on the other hand, a man could love his child so much it rules his life without even knowing the child's mother. It's possible an estrangement from the child's mother could affect a man's feelings about his child, but this is more likely to be a temporary distraction rather than a true change in emotions.

Why does a mother love her second child the most?

Parents tend to play favorites but im sure deep down she loves both kids the same :-)

What are the rewards for being a mother?

The love from a child is enough for a mother. The hardest job is the best job. :)

What is the best example on an infantile love?

A relationship between a mother and her child or between a father and his child.

Does mother love first born child more?

No. Mothers in general love their children equally.

What is the pronoun in you love your mother?

There are two pronouns in the sentence, "You love your mother."you = second person, personal pronoun which takes the place of the noun (name) for the person spoken to.your = second person, possessive adjective which describes the noun 'mother'.

Why do you love your mother?

Most people love their mother because she gave them life and provides for them until adulthood. A special bond is shared between a mother and child which last a lifetime.

What is the meaning of rizal's poem My First Inspiration?

My First inspiration by Rizal is about the love between a mother and a child. A mother is the first teacher and first inspiration for a child.

How can a mother show love to their child?

A mother can show she loves her child in many different ways. She can spend more time with her child much more often. But it mostly depends on the child's personality.

Why does Mrs Bennet say Lydia my love though you are the youngest i dare say mr bingley will dance with you at the next ball in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice?

Actually, the quote is "Lydia my love though you are the youngest, I dare say Mr. Bingley will dance with you at the next ball". Mrs. Bennet says this because Lydia is her favorite child, her mother believes she is good-tempered and bold.

How can you impress your mother?

Theres no way you can. Mothers will love their child no matter what. No matter what they become.

What heart in the Celtic motherhood knot represents the mother?

The interlocking heart itself is the mother. The dot or heart within is the child, in the arms, surrounded by the love of the mother.

How do you know if your boyfriend still loves the mother of his child?

the only way to know is to ask him yourself. you must be understanding though he will love the mother of his child simply because she gave him, his children.

Why douse god love you?

He created you. He made you with his own hands. As a mother loves her child so does God love you but with even more(:

Can a man ever love another woman as much as the mother of his child?

In simple terms Yes.

How a mother says I love you in thai to her child?

C̄hạn rạk ṭhex - According to Google translator

Will Naruto have a child at the end of the series and if he does who do you think will be the mother?

I think he and Sakura will fall in love at the end

Can you be in love with your mom?

It is natural to love your mom as she loves you. But to be "in love," as in romantically, would be abnormal. In addition, any sexual contact between a mother and child is illegal.

Is a Down syndrome child better off with motherly care?

Yes, i believe that children with Down Syndrome should be with their mothers. No one can ever take the place of a mother and love the child the way a mother does.

What is a way to a mother's heart?

Always respect and be obedient to your mother because she always spent her precious moments to architect her child. Mother is an architecture of a child. Try to show her you can belong to her and her heart. Learn how you can be greatful and thankful to your mother by giving her respect and love.