Why does a scale tell us our weight?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: Why does a scale tell us our weight?
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What is the function of weighing scale?

Its function is to measure the weight of a thing

How do you know your losing weight?

Well you can weight your self on the scale or tell the difference in between before you started your diet and after.

What is the function of a digital scale?

It tells you the weight of what you want weighed. Some digital scales have a speaker when they tell you the weight.

How hot is 50 degrees?

You have to tell us what scale you are talking about.

You wish to use a scale that uses the US system of units to measure the weight of a grand piano what is most likely to be the weight shown on the scale?

800 pounds

What is the equivalent temperature on the celsius scale?

You need to tell us what temperature you want to convert - and from which temperature scale !

What can scales tell us about fish?

scales can tell you how old a fish is by the number of rings on a scale

How do you find the weight of something without a scale?

nice question later i'll tell u

What is an example of a scale?

An example of a scale would be how much you Weigh now then how much you used to way and a scale can tell you how far apart your weight is now. So technically its something to help you measure things and tell how far apart things are.

Who do you tell the size of the stone you your ring?

best way to check the size of the stone is to dis mount it from the ring and the weight the stone it will tell you the carat of the stone and you can scale the size of the stone using any scale.

What does the map tell you about the map?

A scale on a map helps us find your mom

If you are too big for one scale to read can you weigh with two putting one foot on one scale and the other foot on the other?

no you can not. There would be no way to tell how much weight was being read on both scales. You have to go out and buy a scale that has a higher weight allowance.