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There is a small attachment with a hole in it which acts as a whistle. It is inserted into the spout of the kettle and when the water starts to boil, the steam makes a sound as it escapes.

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Q: Why does a tea kettle sing?
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What can whistle but never sing?

A coach that has a whistle, a Tea Kettle

Is a tea kettle an asset?


How much water does a tea kettle hold?

That depends entirely on the tea kettle.

How do you sing polly put the kettle on?

Polly put the kettle on. Polly put the kettle on. Polly put the kettle on and let's have tea. Sukey taken it off again. Sukey taken it off again. Sukey taken it off again. They're all gone away.

How do you sing edgeworth put the kettle on to the tune of polly put the kettle on?

Edgeworth put the kettle on Edgeworth put the kettle on Edgeworth put the kettle on And let's have tea Phoenix take it off again Phoenix take it off again Phoenix take it off again They're all gone away

What is another name for a large kettle?

'Cauldron' is the large kettle usually used as tea kettle.

A tea kettle makes what sound?

When a tea kettles water boils, steam exits the hole in the sound of a loud whistle.

Something in the kitchen that start with k?

Kettle that you cook tea in or kettle corn.

How much volume can a tea kettle hold?

Depends on the kettle

Are there another type of tea kettle besides the whistling tea kettle?

Yes, there is, but they look much the same - just without the whistling cover. The Chinese, who presumably know something about tea, boil their water separately, and then add it to the teapot. The concept of a "tea kettle" is unknown there.

Whats an example of conduction?

An example of conduction would be a tea kettle on the stove. The heat from the burner warms the water in the tea kettle.

Is rust in a tea kettle dangerous?

Yes it is.

How does kettle keep tea hot?

with the force!!

Can you make tea in electronic kettle?


Does every British household have a kettle for tea?

According to a recent survey, every single home in Britain has a kettle in the kitchen and all the necessary equipment needed to brew tea. Ever since the 1700's, even if the occupants don't drink tea (or coffee), you will still find a kettle and tea-making equipment in the kitchen.EVERY one? Probably not. But certainly virtually all PROPER British households have a kettle for tea.

How do you use use kettle in a sentence?

Example sentence - I heated the water in the kettle to make tea.

What is the vessel used for boil water for tea?


Can a tea kettle rust inside the pot?


What else could a tea urn be known as?

a kettle

How do you say tea kettle in spanish?

té Tetera

Why did Polly put the kettle on.?

to heat up the tea

Why did Polly put on the kettle?

to heat up the tea

What is an action verb for tea kettle?

steaming, boiling,

Why is steam now running?

Your tea kettle is ready

What was in the Kettle Polly put on?

Well, the rhyme says, Polly put the kettle on, we'll all have tea, so there would have been water in the kettle.