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When you throw the tennis ball, it flies for a distance before dropping down because when you throw the tennis ball, you use force, which is transferred to the tennis ball, which then converts to kinetic energy (movement energy), to allow the tennis ball to go far.

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Q: Why does a tennis ball go far if you throw it?
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Why does a tennis ball go further than a javelin when you throw it and it does go further?

This is because the javelin is much heavier, but at the same time it is very aerodynamic. Hence once you get strong, you could throw the javelin farther than the tennis ball.

Why does a golf ball has more mass than a tennis ball?

Because it can go far in the air

How far will tennis ball go when hit with baseball bat?

Depends on how hard you hit the ball!

If you throw a tennis ball of the Empire State Building how fast will it go?

It will go as fast as it's terminal velocity

Does the length of a lacrosse stick affect how far you can throw the ball?

Yes, if you have a shorter stick the ball won't go as far

Does mud on a tennis ball affect the height of its bounce?

not as far as you know is not a good answer because it does not explain. the mud will make the tennis ball heavier and denser if it has water in it the ball heavy wont go far for its bounce.

Will a tennis ball or baseball go farther?

a tennis ball

How do you throw a ball really far?

StretchPracticeThrow gently then gradually go fasterWork on your armsUnder arm throw/overhead

Does height of a person throwing a ball affect how far the ball will go?

no it actuly helps im 9 5 feet1/5 and i throw hard and far

Why is harder to throw a bowling ball than a baseball?

Can you throw a bowling ball like a baseball? ( I know it will be harder but can you?) If so how far do you think it would go?

What is scratch-throw?

it is a scratch throw when you throw the ball it will go straght

Would a soccer ball or a football go further if kicked?

Yes. Throwing can be far if you throw it very hard. Although kicking can make the ball go further.

Which will go higher when thrown straight up a regulation tennis ball or a golf ball?

probobly the tennis ball because it is lighter

Can air travel through a tennis ball?

Yes, of course. The material a tennis ball is made out of is porrus. That is why tennis balls go flat.

Does one eye go darker if your dog eye is blind?

You should probably take it to the vet. Or cover the good eye and throw a tennis ball.

If you hit a baseball or tennis ball will go further?

That depends what you are hitting them with, and how hard you are hitting them. If you hit a baseball with a baseball bat and a tennis ball with a baseball bat as hard as you can, the tennis ball would go farther. The tennis ball would go farther in most circumstances if you hit each with the same object and with the same force.

How far should a tennis ball launcher shoot a ball using a half ounce of lighter fluid?

it can go 3 feet. 10 feet if its a full ounce.

Will a ball go further if you throw it west?


How high a tennis ball can go?

as high as it wants to ............

How far do bananas go?

however far you throw it

How do you shoot a Kamehameha?

Ok to blast a kamehameha(fire ball) you get a lighter and light a baseball tennis ball or sumthin on fire and throw it.(thats was fireball)to shoot a kamehameha you get a bucket of water and throw it and kamehameha(water) will go everywhere.And if you get enough it'll hurt.:)

How do you find the best brand of tennis ball?

go to tennis shops and ask if dont ...............................................................................................

What ball will go farther the ping-pong or the tennis ball if you hit it with a tennis racket?

Tennis ball of course. It is less affected by air ressistance because of its proportional surface area to mass.

How do you throw the dough on

go to pizza porlor and throw a snow ball

How do you get into a Mercedes c180 if the keys are not working?

Buy a tennis ball. Then go yo youtube and search how to open a Mercedes with a tennis ball.