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Why does a triangle multiplied by one half?


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To get the area it half breadth by height. A simplified thought on this is because the formula for the area of a parallelogram is length by width, and a triangle would be half of this

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Multiplying any number by one has no effect. Half multiplied by one is still a half.

Two multiplied by two and one-half = 2 * 2.5 = 5

Area of a triangle= half of the base multiplied by the height. A = 1/2 (b) (h) <--formula

one and a half multiplied by two fifths = 0.6

One third multiplied by one and a half equals a half.

one half multiplied by four multiplied by pie multiplied by the radius squared

The area of any triangle is defined as half the base multiplied by the height.

One third multiplied by 1.5 is one half.

The answer to the problem 1.5 multiplied by -6 is -3.

Divided by two or multiplied by one half.

one half multiplied by five eighths... 0.5 * 0.635 = 0.3175 OR 1/2 * 5/8 = 5/16

The formula to calculate the area of any triangle is half the length of the base, multiplied by the height. Therefore in this case it's 32.76

No, the area of a triangle is half the base multiplied by the perpendicular height. If the triangle has no perpendicular height, you can't use the length of a slanted side, watch out for that. Perpendicular lines meet like a capital T. At right angles. Instead, you could use 1/2absinC label each side of the triangle a,b and c. label each corner with the same three letters but capitals. label A the corner across from a label B the corner across from b and so on. find the sin of C using your calculator multiply one half by the measures of a,b and sinC

Five sixths multiplied by two and one half is about 2.083.

It is 500,000 (five hundred thousand).

1.5 multiplied by 15 is 22.5

one half multiplied by one half or 1/2 x 1/2 = 1/4

1 half multiplied by -2 is: -1

16 multiplied by one-half = 8

One half multiplied by two-thirds is two-sixths and if you reduce it would be one-third.

A triangle is a 2 dimensional object, it cannot therefore have a volume (which is a property of 3D objects.However, if you meant area, then it's half the base length multiplied by the height.

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