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Q: Why does abilene want to uncover the past in the bhook moon over manifest?
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Who was Abilene's dad in moon over manifest?

Gideon Tucker(Jinx)

What is the conflict of moon over manifest?

The abandoment Abilene is feeling by her father.

Who really is Abilene's father in moon over manifest?

Her father is really Jinx

What are the main characters in moon over manifest by clare vanderpool?

The main characters in the book are Abilene, Lettie, Ruthane, and Shady!

What is the ISBN of Moon Over Manifest?

The ISBN of Moon Over Manifest is 9780385738835.

Is moon over manifest a fiction or nonfiction book?

Moon Over Manifest is juvenile fiction.

When was Moon Over Manifest created?

Moon Over Manifest was created on 2010-10-12.

How did Abilene figure out jinx was her dad in moon over manifest?

All throughout the book, Abilene thought that jinx was strangely fimiliar to her father,Gideon. When the book comes to the end Miss Sadie was revealing the last part of the story to Abilene and after Miss Sadie told her the last part she went down to the graveyard and peiced together what happened back in 1918. She says "Gideon and jinx. They're one and the same!"

Is Moon over Manifest a fiction nonfiction or biography book?

"Moon Over Manifest" is a work of historical fiction written by Clare Vanderpool. It is not a nonfiction or biography book.

What is the theme for moon over manifest?


How many chapters does the book Moon Over Manifest have?

The book "Moon Over Manifest" by Clare Vanderpool has 40 chapters. Each chapter is relatively short, making it an engaging read for middle-grade readers.

What is the setting of moon over manifest?

"Moon Over Manifest" is set in the small town of Manifest, Kansas, during both 1918 and 1936. The story moves between these two time periods as a young girl uncovers the town's history and secrets.