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my '94 Lincoln would do that if i had raised the hood but not shut it all the way down; after about 2-5 minutes, alarm went off after i had locked up the car, but hood was not shut

Try lowerin the panel mounted in the trunk, and turning down the sensativity on the unit located on the left, as you look into the trunk. Worked for me. Good luck.

Answertake the positive battery terminal wire off and wait about 30 min. this should reset the alarm. AnswerOnce on my Lincoln my alarm kept sounding off for no apparent reason at all, what I did to solve the problem was to spray my inside door latches with WD-40. When you lock the doors and the lock sometimes pop up, you may need to lubricate the door lock latches.

The electronics on the Mark VIII are extensive and they tend to get screwy after however many years you've had the car. I had the same problem, except mine was that any time I'd lock the car, the alarm would go off at random. I went to Car Tunes and had the wire grounded and the alarm system disabled. The green light still flashes, but it doesn't go off at all.

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Q: Why does alarm sound for no reason on a 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII?
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Why does alarm sound for no reason on a 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII?

On my 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII had the same problem. Apparently several things can cause this, but this is what worked for my car. Under the hood on the passenger side there is a switch fastened to the frame, it's about halfway between windshield and front of car. We removed the bolts holding the switch, turned the switch upside down, then replaced the bolts. The alarm system still works and it hasn't gone off randomly since then. Good luck!

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Yes it can. Pop the hood, as you are facing the engine, to the right side (drivers side) next to the wheel cover is a fuse panel - take the cover off and look at the back of it. It will show you the fuse for the alarm system. Simply remove the fuse.

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