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Why does alcohol affect men differently then women?

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Because men have a stronger matabilizm the women do so they can consume more than women as their body takes it in better and women have difference organs to men in which deal with alcohol differently to how mens organs deal with alcohol.

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Does alcohol affect men and women differently?

Yes. Studies show that men and women are affected differently by alcohol for a number of reasons. Women, generally, have a lower alcohol tolerance than men due to weight and muscle mass differences. Women's hormones also affect the way they metabolize alcohol, making them more susceptible to alcohol's effects.

Does alcohol affect men differently than women?

Although most men can safely consume two to five drinks a day, one or two drinks a day can cause liver damage in women

How does alcohol affect men?

Alcohol effects men much more slowly than it does women.

Does gonorrhea affect males and females differently?

The effects are the same for men and women; infertility.

Why do women have a higher blood alcohol content than men do after consuming the same amount of alcohol?

Men and women have different body chemistry and alcohol affects men and women differently. Women typically have less body mass than male counterparts and carry more water weight than men, BAC is affected by both of those two factors heavily.

How were women treated differently from men in ancient Egypt?

men are women

Are women more vulnerable to the effects of alcohol?

Yes. They are smaller than men and metabolize etoh differently. Medical people recommend no more than one drink per day for women, two for men.

Why are women in prison treated differently than men in prison?

There is no doubt that women do get treated differently than men do in prison. Women have more personal needs than men do. They also need more privacy than men.

Why do men and women have different units of alcohol?

Because women are effected to the same degree as men who consume less alcohol.

Do women write differently to men?

no they write the same

Who drinks alcohol more often Men Or Women?

Men, often because of women.

Do women or men drink more alcohol?

i think men do

Which of these statements best describes the effect of a alcohol on men and women?

Women are more vulnerable than men to the medical consequences of alcohol abuse.

Why do men send miss signals to women?

They think differently.

Why do men act differently than women?

genes and hormones a result of the different roles played in life by men and women they have different priority's and this causes them to behave and feel about things differently.

Were men and women Athens treated differently?

men had all the voting rights and were dominant women could not have education or rights

Why are women treated differently than men in the military?

Women are often treated differently than men in the military because women have been viewed as the weaker sex for many years. This causes men to want to protect them rather than work with them equally.

How does alcohol damage women?

AnswerAlcohol can harm both women and men in various ways.For women in particular, drinking alcohol is a risk factor for breast cancer.

Why are men allowed more alcohol than women?

"Allowed?" No one restricts the quantity of alcohol someone can consume. Men can tolerate more and hold more before becoming legally drunk because they are normally bigger. The ratio of fat to weight has an affect on the metabolizing of the alcohol as well and women tend to have more fat.

Were men and women treated differently in the colonial times?

Of Course! Men were always superior to women (especially if they were white and owned land).

Does a woman process alcohol faster than men?

No,]. Women process alcohol more slowly than do men.

Do sports programs treat men and women differently?

That would be FALSE

Is badminton played differently for men and women?

Nope, played the same.

How did World War 1 affect th relations between men and women?

how did world war one affect the relations between men and women? how did world war one affect the relations between men and women?

Who is most likely to develope an alcohol abuse or dependence problem men or women?

both men and women have the same percentage for alcohol abuse, but men have a high percentage of using illicit drugs