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The "lockup torque converter" could be engaging too soon. Take it to a transmission shop to have it diagnosed.

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Q: Why does an automatic transmission jerk while changing gears?
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What does inhibitor switch do?

Inhibitor switch reduces engine power to avoid shock while automatic transmission changing gears

Transmission Service Repair?

form_title=Find a Transmission Service Repair form_header=If you're having trouble changing gears, have your vehicle's transmission inspected and repaired. When was your transmission last serviced?=_ Is there any slipping or grinding while driving?= () Yes () No What kind of vehicle do you have?=_ Is it an automatic or manual?= () Automatic () Manual

What are signs of transmission problems?

Gears slipping, such as sudden high RPM's and loss of power while driving. Failing to change gears at a certain RPM in an automatic.

Why is your 96 accord revving while shifting gears?

if it is automatic the transmission could be slipping if manual the throttle could be sticking

What causes a transmission to click while driving?

no tranmission fluid in it or it maybe your tranmission is bad because you keep grinding your gears up but for a automatic its your transmission fluid

High Engine rpm While Changing Gears?

Automatic trans I take it, sounds like you may need to rebuild or replace soon. The gears could be warn and are starting to slip

Should you shift gears in an automatic transmission while driving in snow?

Hai, In A.T. We havn't necessary to shiftthe gears. According to the Load it will automatically Select the Torque.

How do you fill a automatic transmission for a 1996 Toyota taoma?

Almost all automatic transmissions are filled and checked with the engine running and the transmission in Park. Be sure to let the car run for a while to warm up before checking. while filling, be sure to slowly shift the transmission through all the gears (while still sitting still, parking brake on) and recheck the level after shifting.

Will it hurt your car if you keep changing gears while at highway speeds?

rapidly changing gears in anything will hurt the vechicle but not slowing down will not

Can you change the gears in automatic cars while driving?

no im 30023

Why does your engine rev when it shifts gears?

in an automatic transmission when it shifts the belts that hold the planetary gears that control the gear ratios grab the next gear before it releases the previous gear. while the transmission is in two gears at once the engine doesn't provide the power to the transmission so with the lack of tension on the motor it allows it to build up speed before it slows back down when the transmission releases the lower gear What about a manual transmission? Is it normal for it to still do this same thing?

What would be the advantages of having a car with an automatic transmission over a car with a manual transmission?

A car with an automatic transmission allows you to do less work while you drive. The car does all of the gear changing for you so you just have to concentrate on accelerating and steering. There is also less damage done to the transmission as human error is removed and it is run by a computer.

Does the transmission on a automatic car mess up switching into drive or revers while car is still moving?

yes .. if the car is in drive and u put it in reverse.... bye bye gears

What is the difference between Fat and At transmission?

FAT refers to Floor Automatic Transmission while AT means Automatic transmission in case where shift lever is installed at the steering column

Why does Trans makes brief grinding noise when changing to third or fourth gear?

I assume you are referring to a manual transmission. Grinding while changing gears is an indication of a synchronizer going bad. Until you get it fixed, try double clutching when shifting.

On a F350 diesel truck how do i know if it is the transmission or something else when it won't pull in none of the gears.?

have someone change gears, while not running, and make sure the linkage from the gear lever, whether automatic or not, is moving the linkage for the transmission itself. if the linkage is moving on the trasmission, then its probably in the tranny. also make sure the drive shaft is working (runs from the transmission to the rear differential).

What causes a 1988 Buick Reatta front wheel drive with automatic transmission to have a vibration under the seat only when shifting into third gear?

If it vibrates briefly only while shifting, it's probably the transmission slipping. If all other gears are shifting ok, you're about to loose the transmission.

What is the trans clunk from your 02 Tacoma?

A clunking sound on shifting gears and while driving can be indicative of failed transmission mount. If the condition is always occurring regardless of shift and driving on level surfaces an internal automatic transmission mechanical condition is possible also.

What does the transmission kick down solenoid do?

In automatic gearboxes these solenoids change gears for you. It helps the car to down-shift, while at the same time keeping the desired level of torque as well as speed.

Why will my 1988 Toyota truck 2WD change gears while not running but won't when running?

Is it a manual or automatic?

Why would your transmission quit while with no notice while driving?

Your gears is stripped and you need a new one or that one rebuilt!!

Will an auto transmission be damaged if I don't come to a complete stop before changing from reverse to park as in a parking lot barely moving?

Of course it will you idiot. Think about it... while the car is going forward you slap it into reverse and the gears need to stop turning the other way BEFORE the can turn the other way around or it will grind all the gears and then you have just ruined your transmission

What causes a cars rpm to suddenly jump while driving?

What can cause the RPM on a car to jump while driving is a problem with the transmission. It could be a problem with the gears in the transmission itself.

Where is the Transmission Drain Plug Location for 1997 4x4 454 Suburban?

The transmission does not have a drain plug. You have to drop the transmission oil pan on an automatic or you can suck the old oil out if is a manual transmission. If it is an automatic, change the filter while you have the pan off.

Why would transmission run fine then gears slip after a while?

As it heats up, it slips more.