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Q: Why does an eclipses only happen once in a while?
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Which moon phase do solar eclipses happen?

Solar eclipses can only occur at the new moon, while all lunar eclipses happen at the full moon.

What phase the moon is in during a lunar eclipse?

Lunar eclipses always occur at the full moon, while solar eclipses can only happen during a new moon. thats a horrible answer , you could get that from watching twilight once.

Why do lunar eclipses only occur at full moon?

Lunar eclipses happen when the Moon moves into the shadow of the Sun. This can only happen at the full moon.

Why do more people see solar eclipses than lunar eclipses?

That is probably not true. Lunar eclipses may happen at night, but they last for hours and they are observable by everyone on earth who can see the moon while it is in progress. Solar eclipses cover only small swatches of earth and last only minutes at any one location.

Why are total lunar eclipses relatively common and total solar eclipses rather rare?

Lunar eclipses can be seen from half the Earth at once, while solar eclipses can be seen from within only a relatively narrow path across the Earth's surface.So, at any particular place, lunar eclipses are relatively common.When you consider the Earth as a whole, total solar eclipses actually happen a bit more often than total lunar eclipses.

Why does the solar eclipse occur every new moon?

Solar eclipses do NOT happen at every full moon. Solar eclipses can ONLY happen at the full moon, but they only occur about twice a year.

Why is lunar eclipse seen more frequently?

Lunar eclipses and solar eclipses happen EQUALLY often; about two of each kind per year. However, solar eclipses are visible only across a small path on the Earth, while lunar eclipses are visible from the entire nighttime hemisphere of the planet.

What kind of eclipse can only happen when the moon is full?

Lunar eclipses can only happen when the Moon is EXACTLY full.

Why does a solar eclipse happen during the day?

Because at night the sun is only visible to the opposite half of the earth, so while eclipses can happen, you are just not in the right place to see it.

Do planets with moons have eclipses as often as earth?

Planets with moons may indeed have Earth-like eclipses. Eclipses happen when moon orbital plane intersects with planet orbital plane with respect to its star. Eclipses can only happen however if angular diameter of the moon is similar to (or greater than) angular diameter of star as seen from planet's surface, which is quite a rare condition. In the whole Solar System moon-eclipses only happen on Earth.

Does someone see a sorlar eclipse when someone sees a harvest moon?

No. Harvest Moons are full, while solar eclipses can only happen at the new moon.

A lunar eclipse can occur only when?

Lunar eclipses happen at the full moon.

Does a lunar take place during the night or the day?

Lunar eclipses happen at the full moon, and you can only see the lunar eclipses from the night side of Earth.

Why don't eclipses happen more often?

it doesn't happen regularly because it only happens on certain phases of the moon

How often does a solar eclipse happen in new zealand?

While solar eclipses happen about twice per year, they are typically observable only within limited areas. So solar eclipses are rarely seen in a particular location. For Auckland, NZ, there will be no total solar eclipses visible for the next thousand years. Partial eclipses occur two or three times per decade. The next partial solar eclipse will be 2012-Nov-14, and the Sun will be about 85% occulted.

Do total eclipses of the sun occur only at full moons?

No. At the full moon, you may (about once every 6 months or so) get a LUNAR eclipse. Solar eclipses only happen at the new moon phase, again, about every 6 months. You can see the catalog of all eclipses from 2000 BCE to 3000 AD on the NASA Eclipse Web Page at the link below.

When do solar eclipses take place?

A solar eclipse can only happen at new moon - but they don't happen at every new moon.

Can a lunar eclipse occur during the quarter moon phase?

No, it cannot. Lunar eclipses (they really aren't even true eclipses) can happen only during full moon.

in solar eclipses When is the only time a solar eclipses can happen?

When the moon is very nearly on-line between the centers of the Sun and Earth. (That will also be the time of 'New Moon'.)

Where do solar eclipses occur?

anywhere on earth but they are more common between the tropics of cancer and capricorn. Total solar eclipses are only known to happen on earth at the moment.

How does lunar eclipses happen?

A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes through the Earth's shadow - this can only happen during the Full Moon phase.

Why does lunar eclipse occur frequently?

Both lunar eclipses and solar eclipses occur, roughly, every 6 months or so. Solar eclipses seem rare, because they are visible only across very small paths across the Earth. Lunar eclipses only SEEM more common because they happen in the sky, and are visible from the entire night half of the Earth.

How often do eclipses naturally occur?

There are two main types of eclipses: solar and lunar. Lunar eclipses occur every 6 months. Solar eclipses occur 2-5 times per year. Eclipses can be partial or total. Partial eclipse covers only part of the sun or moon, while total covers the full entity.

What is the only lunar phase during which a solar eclipse can occur?

Solar eclipses happen during NEW moons, when the Moon blocks the light of the Sun. Lunar eclipses happen during FULL moons, when the Earth blocks the light of the Sun.

How many lunar eclipses happen every year?

Around 12 because they only have when there's a full moon