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Why does an ice cube melt?

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Because cold slows down the hydrogen and Oxygen atoms (H2O) in water, they become more compressed (frozen). Heat, or temps above 32 degrees, tend to excite these atoms causing them to move apart thus causing them to melt.
It only melts IF the environment is above the freezing point...

in Antarctica it might never melt.
Ice cube melts because when the room is in its normal temperature that is bout 25 degrees it melts the ice and when the ice melts a few minutes later it evaporates

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What happens if you melt an ice cube?

it will become water If you melt an ice cube it will melt

Will an ice cube melt in oil?

If the oil is warmer than the ice cube then the ice will melt.

Does an ice cube melt faster on soil?

No, an ice cube doesn't melt faster in soil.

What melt first of a ice cube salt and ice cube with salt?

an ice cube with salt

How does the size of an ice cube affect its melting?

The larger the ice cube, the longer it takes to melt. The smaller the ice cube, the less time it takes to melt.

Which one would melt the quickest a ice cube in alcohol or a ice cube in water?

a ice cube in alcohol would melt fastest because of the heating molecules contracting with the ice cube molecules

Does the temperature affect how fast the ice cube will melt?

Yes, if it is cold it probably melt slowly or not melt at all. if it is hot then the ice cube will melt fast.

Does water ice cube melt faster or soda ice cube melt faster?

soda ice cube melts faster because it doesn't have the same chemicals in it

Does an ice cube melt faster than an ice cube with salt?

Yes it does, in northern states when it snows they use ice to melt the streets.

How does an ice cube melt in water?

The water raises the temperature of the ice cube

How long does an ice cube take to melt?

It depends on the size the temperature difference between the cube and surroundings

Which would melt faster an ice cube of water or an ice cube of Coca-Cola?

An ice cube Coca-Cola will melt faster because its mass is smaller.

How does a ice cube melt when left out of the freezer?

the hot atmosphere outside lets the ice cube melt and change into lquid.

Does an ice cube melt faster in hot chocolate or hot water?

An ice cube will melt faster in hot water.

Will flour water or salt water melt an ice cube faster?

Salt water will melt an ice cube faster.

Does an ice cube melt faster in ice or oil?

In oil. Ice doesn't melt in ice at all.

How do you get a penny out of an ice cube?

You melt the ice cub

How does the shape of an ice cube affects how quickly it melts?

if it was a cube ice it wil melt slower and if its long slab will melt faster:)

How many calories are required to melt a 1.52 g ice cube?

how many calories are required to melt a 1.52g ice cube?

How fast does a ice cube melt?

It depends on the size of the ice cube and the temperature surrounding it.

Why does an ice cube melt when you are holding it in your hand?

Heat is transferred from your hand to the ice cube.

Does the shape of an ice cube effect how long it takes the ice cube to melt?


If you had an ice cube and put it in a cardboard box and put the ice cube on top of tissue paper will the ice cube melt?

yes, unless you keep the temperature under 32 F degrees (0 C) the ice cube will melt.

Does an ice cube melt faster in saltwater or fresh water?

a ice cube will melt in salt water quicker because salt decreases the melting point of ice (makes it harder to melt )

What melts faster a juice ice cube or water ice cube?

results of does juice or water melt a ice cube faster