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First note that "thermal energy" is a term that is long since obsolete. The correct term is "Internal Energy". "Thermal energy" was a term that was in use when people thought of energy as being some kind of fluid called "caloric" that was transferred between things at different temperatures.

With that said: an iceberg has more internal energy when compared to a hot cup of coffee mainly due to the variance in size. Total internal energy is not necessarily determined by the presence of heat but the mass of the molecules present.

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Which has more thermal energy-an iceberg or a liter of hot water?

It surely depends on how big the iceberg is ,as a really big iceberg contains a lot of thermal energy and much more than a liter of hot water.

What kind of energy is a cup of coffee?

thermal energy

What energy transformations of a coffee pot?

Electrical Energy > Thermal energy

Are temperature and thermal energy the same?

No. Temperature is an intensive property, thermal energy is an extensive property. Temperature can be thought of as a measure of the average thermal energy per particle. So an iceberg might have more thermal energy than a red-hot quarter just because it's very large, while the quarter would have a higher temperature because each particle in it has a lot more thermal energy than the particles in the iceberg.

What kind of energy does coffee have?

Caffeine ..unless your asking what FORM of energy coffee has, which would be Thermal Energy because the molecules in the coffee have kinetic energy and are are bouncing around and vibrating rapidly

What type of energy dose a coffee pot use?

Electrical to mechanical and thermal energy

What has the greatest amount of internal energy 1 an iceberg 2 a pencil 3 a laptop 4 a cup of cold water 5 a cup of hot coffee?

Definitely the iceberg because it is much more massive compared to the others. Keep in mind internal energy is more than just heat. One exception would be if the iceberg was at absolute zero, but i doubt that is the case.

Why does an iceberg have more thermal energy than hot water?

Because of its larger mass. - It really depends on the amount of hot water involved, and on the size of the iceberg.

If two objects have the same total thermal energy but they are different sizes are they at the same temperature?

Probably not, depending on precisely what you mean by "sizes". Temperature is essentially a measure of thermal energy per amount of matter, so an object which is heavier has more matter to spread the thermal energy around in. Its temperature will be lower. An iceberg has a lot more thermal energy than a teapot, even though the iceberg is frozen and the teapot may be boiling hot.

What energy transformation occur in a coffee pot?

If I may be correct the energy transformation that a coffee pot goes through is Electrical Energy to Heat energy and that's it!

Is a coffee pot mechanical energy?

No, an object is not energy of any sort. It can possess energy, for instance a coffee pot on a high shelf has gravitational potential energy and a hot one has thermal energy.

How does ice cool something?

Okay, let's say you put ice next to some coffee. Thermal energy travels from the coffee into the ice. So when the thermal energy store in the coffee decreases the temperature decreases and the ice cube increases and melts. I hope I helped

What kind of energy does a coffee maker use?

I believe it uses thermal energy and electricalenergy. I might be wrong, though.

What happens when electrical energy in changed into thermal energy?

You then have a source of heat that can be used to warm a room or make coffee.

What energy increases when an object warms up?

The thermal energy.The thermal energy.The thermal energy.The thermal energy.

Does an iceberg contain more heat energy than a lit match?

Yes. Although the temperature of the iceberg is not quite as high as that of a match, there is much more iceberg than there is match. The heat is in 'diluted' form compared to the match.

The energy in heat is also called?

Thermal energy.Thermal energy.Thermal energy.Thermal energy.

Why does an ice berg have more thermal energy than hot coffee?

because ice berg has more particles than hot coffee. i think.

What is the name of thermal energy that moves from a warmer object to a cooler one?

"Thermal energy" or "heat"."Thermal energy" or "heat"."Thermal energy" or "heat"."Thermal energy" or "heat".

What ia a material that does not transfer thermal energy easily?

Thermal insulators do not transfer heat easily, a notable example is polystyrene that is why is used to make coffee cups.

What is a example of thermal energy?

a example of thermal energy is the sun Thermal energy is heat energy. Anything that generates heat produces thermal energy.

Compared to the Pacific Ocean does a cup of hot chocolate have more thermal energy and a higher temperature?


When there is more kinetic energy what happens to the thermal energy and temperature?

Molecules with a high temperature typically have a greater kinetic energy when compared to those with a lower temperature

Why is thermal energy called thermal energy?

Because "thermal" means heat, and heat is used in thermal energy.

What is the difference between heat and temperture?

Heat is the AMOUNT of energy, Temperature is the CONCENTRATION of heat energy. For example; An iceberg (a big one) will have more heat energy than a cup of coffee (fresh and hot).

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