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why does car need topping up with water and antifreeze each week? why does car need topping up with water and antifreeze each week?

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Q: Why does car need topping up with water weekly?
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Why some car batteries have water in them?

to help it speed it upAll car batteries work with a weak acid in them. Many modern batteris are 'low maintenance', so they don't need looking at. Most older car batteries needed topping-up with pure water (not tap water) as evaporation occured.

When was Classic Car Weekly created?

Classic Car Weekly was created in 1990.

What type of water can you fill in a empty car battery?

De-ionised water Distilled water is recommended if the battery just needs topping off. Sulfuric acid if the battery is empty.

How much money in gas does a car waist weekly?

How much money in gas does a car waste weekly?

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Where in south Africa can one purchase deminaralized water?

The quickest source for small quantities is a local fuel filling station. They keep demineralised (or distilled) water for topping up car batteries.

What is distilled water used for?

Steam irons is common since it has already been boiled to remove mineral deposits. Distilled water is ideal for topping up lead acid car batteries too.

How often do you need to check the air pressure in your car tires?

Owner's manuals usually recommend to check the tires' air pressure weekly.

Which insurance companies offer car insurance that can be paid weekly?

Most insurance companies will offer the option to pay weekly based on a minimum 1 month contract but there is also the option for purchasing short term car insurance which is significantly more expensive than normal car insurance but is great if you just need temporary cover.

When turning left or right the car has a funny noise it is not squeaky or grinding?

Check the steering fluid reservoir - it will probably need topping up - MAKE SURE YOU USE THE CORRECT TYPE

How much water is used to make a car?

we need 8 tonnes of water just for one single car.(to cool down the heat of the metal on the car)

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