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Carbon conducts electricity because the resonance structure Carbon atoms have. To conduct electricity, you have to have unlocalized electrons. With the resonance structure, carbon has those unlocalized electrons

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Does carbon tetrachloride conduct electricity?

no carbon tetrachloride doesn't conduct electricity.

Does carbon conduct electricity?

Graphite (an allotrope of carbon) and graphene does conduct electricity whilst other allotropes of carbon such as diamond do not.

What is the Electric Conductivity of Carbon?

It depends on the form of carbon. In most forms, carbon will not conduct electricity, hwoever it will conduct electricity as graphite.

Can carbon dioxide conduct electricity?

dose carbon dioxide conduct electricty

Does carbon fiber conduct electricity?

Carbon Fiber itself has a high resistance, but will still conduct electricity. Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer may not a easily conduct due to the infused polymer (which dose not conduct) that may insulate the carbon strands.

Which non metals conducts electricity?

Carbon (graphite) will conduct electricitySilicon metallic will conduct electricity

Does a pencil conduct electricity?

Yes the center carbon or lead can conduct electricity. The carbon in the pencil is also used in resistors for resistance in a circuit.

Why can carbon nanotubes conduct electricity?

In carbon nanotubes each carbon atom has a 'free' electron which can move around freely and therefore can carry a charge and conduct electricity.

Which non metal can slightly conduct electricity?

Carbon can conduct electricity reasonably well and is a non-metal.

Can carbon fiber conduct electricity?


Can carbon charcoal conduct electricity?


What are conducters of electricity?

Generally speaking, metals conduct electricity with copper being a very good conductor of electricity. Carbon can also conduct electricity.

Which form of carbon will passes electricity?

Graphene, graphite, and some carbon nanotubes can all conduct electricity.

Why does carbon tetrachloride not conduct electricity?

Carbon tetrachloride is made up of individual covalently bonded molecules, CCl4. There are no charged particles that could conduct electricity.

What conducts electricity other than metal?

carbon is not a metal and can conduct electricity

Why carbon conduct electricity?

because of free electrons

Does carbon dioxide conduct electricity when dissolved in water?

no it does not

Does carbon dioxide conduct electricity?

currently there is no evidence of this.

What element is a black solid and does not conduct electricity?


Why can carbon nanotube conduct electricity?

because it stinks

Is carbon able to conduct electricity?

It's not suppose to .

Does carbon powder when mixed in Araldite conduct electricity?


Does carbon dioxide and water conduct electricity?


What produce conducts electricity?

Any body containing a high moisture content and carbon or salts will conduct electricity. Also metals conduct electricity.

Can fullerene conduct electricity?

Yes, each carbon forms 3 covalent bonds leaving free electrons that can conduct electricity!

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