Why does compost need worms?

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compost can be dung or other forms of broken down waste

But worms to make compost

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Q: Why does compost need worms?
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Do you need worms in your compost?

No, you do not necessarily need worms in your compost. If your compost is fermenting properly from bacterial activity it will be too hot for worms to survive in it.

How do you get worms in the app the blockheads?

"To get worms, you need compost. To make compost, all you need is 5 kelp, in which you can find in waters. You can craft the compost then get worms by breaking it." this answer is incorrect as to make a compost bin, the only thing able to make compost, you must get worms (5 of them). to answer your question you can find worms by obtaining dirt witch will yield one worm at random.

How many worms do you need for composting?

It depends on the amount of household waste you want to compost. Red wiggler worms eat half their body weight each day. If you want to compost 1 pound of waste-you would need 2 pounds of worms.

What can make Vermiform compost?

Vermiform compost is a type of compost that is produced by redworms, white worms or earthworms. These worms consume organic waste and leave behind a rich compost.

What foods are good for compost and why?

The foods that are good for compost are usually things that can decompose in soil with worms such as banana peels. This is because the worms in your compost have to be able to decompose the things you put in the compost.

Where can one find compost worms?

One does not need to find compost worms, to add to their compost. One can just attract them by adding some simple materials to the compost. First spread a layer of coffee grounds at the bottom of your compost heap, this attracts the worms. Then lay soaked, torn cardboard in the bottom of the compost heap on the top of the coffee grounds. Then add a small pile of manure, or stale bread to act as a worm magnet. Finally moisten the compost heap with a spray horse.

What eats compost?

compost worms miller peads grubs and snow bugs

What type of worms do you use in a worm farm?

You have to use compost worms, which are not the same as ordinary earthworms. Compost worms are usually red, blue or tiger worms and they can be bought by the thousand from nurseries or on the internet. You would need one or two thousand to start a worm farm, but with the right conditions, after a year, you might have 20 thousand worms.

What are worms used for?

Worms can be used for fishing and compost. Worms are important to the ecosystems in which they live and breed.

What is vermicompost and compost?

compost is decayed organic material vermicompost is composting with the help of worms

Why compost with worms?

they eat it and poo it out so compost is really poo so is mud

How do you get worms out of a compost bin?

Do'nt remove the worms they are part of the composting process.

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