Why does exponential growth start slow?

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When does the exponential growth of a population start to slow down?

When there are limited resources. when there is competition for resources. apex :)

On a logistic population growth curve the growth starts to slow down after initial growth?


Is a population that is experiencing exponential growth fast or slow?


On a logistic population growth curve the growth starts to slow down after initial growth because there aren't enough resources to support as many new individuals?

exponential (<-----Apex)

When the exponential phase of a logistic growth curve of a population ceases?

Populations growth begins to slow down.

When the exponential phase of a logistic growth curve of a population ceases what happen to population growth?

population growth begins to slow down

How does the availability of resources affect whether a population's growth is exponential or logistic?

If resources are limitless than a population's growth will be exponential. Growth will be logistic in cases where there are limited resources. As the population grows closer to the logistical limit, the overall growth will slow.

What is a growth factor in exponential growth?

implementation of exponential groth

What is the difference between linear and exponential growth?

Exponential growth

What is the origin of exponential growth?

Exponential growth does not have an origin: it occurs in various situations in nature. For example if the rate of growth in something depends on how big it is, then you have exponential growth.

Why is it impossible for exponential growth to continue forever?

Organisms start to compete for resources.

What is a condition that may lead to exponential population growth?

Exponential growth is the average amount of growth possible for a certain organism Exponential growth is the average amount of growth possible for a certain organism

What is cubic growth and how does it differ from exponential growth?

Cubic Growth is x^a, a being some constant, while exponential growth is a^x. Exponential growth ends up growing MUCH faster than cubic growth.

How can I define and describe logarighmic growth?

Logarithmic growth is the inverse of exponential growth. Exponential growth is a growth that occurs at a rate that is consistent and fast.

What are exponential growth and logistic growth?

Exponential Growth: occurs when the individuals in a population reproduce at a constant rate.Logistic Growth: occurs when a population's growth slows or stops following a period of exponential growth around a carrying capacity.

How are exponential growth patterns similar to and different from linear growth patterns?

They are similar because the population increases over time in both cases, and also because you are using a mathematical model for a real-world process. They are different because exponential growth can get dramatically big and bigger after a fairly short time. Linear growth keeps going up the same amount each time. Exponential growth goes up by more each time, depending on what the amount (population) is at that time. Linear growth can start off bigger than exponential growth, but exponential growth will always win out.

What is the difference between exponential growth and decay?

Exponential growth is when the amount of something is increasing, and exponential decay is when the amount of something is decreasing.

Who invented exponentail growth and exponential decay?

Reverend Thomas Malthus developed the concept of Exponential Growth (another name for this is Malthusian growth model.) However the mathematical Exponent function was already know, but not applied to population growth and growth constraints. Exponential Decay is a natural extension of Exponential Growth

are dogs exponential growth or logistic growth?

Logistics growth as exponential only uses scientific examples to prove a study

How can you use the word exponential growth in a sentence?

the exponential growth of cows are increasing because of reproductin.....

Compare and contrast exponential and logistic growth?

In logistic growth, growth is limited while in exponential growth there is no limit. Both can occur for organisms in the animalia kingdom but exponential growth is more common for unicellular organisms like bacteria.

Logarithmic growth is known as what?

Exponential growth

When does exponential growth of a population stop?

Exponential growth may occur in environments where there are few individuals and plentiful resources but when the number of individuals become large enough resources will be depleted slowing the growth in exponential growth.

What conditions are necessary for population to have exponential growth?

In order to have exponential growth there must be sufficient resources to thrive. The problem with exponential growth is that since the world is finite at some point there will be overpopulation.

How do you do exponential growth or decay?

That all depends on the problem given!A general form of the exponential growth/decay is:y = ab^x.If we have an exponential growth, b = 1 + rOtherwise, b = 1 - r.In the second version, the exponential growth is y = Ae^(kt) while the exponential decay is y = Ae^(-kt)