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because the sugar goes through your vains into your blood the blood drives to your heart and affects our hearts

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Can the food we eat affect our heart rate?

Yes it most certainly can.

Can the food you eat affect your heartrate?

Yes certain food you eat can affect your heart rate. Foods high in salt and fat can cause arrhythmia, which is an irregular heart beat.

Will the food and drink you eat or drink affect your heart rate?

Of course haha. There is a saying, 'you are what you eat'

Does the food you eat affect your heart rate?

yes, but it changes with different foods

Does food affect your resting heart rate?

yes the food you eat affects your heart rate.salt and fatting food also affect your heart rate. fatting foods make your heard pump the blood thru your body so the food can digest! salty food does the same!!

How can you prove food can affect our heart rate?

you can grab a group of people and eat different foods.when you eat the foods you should feel your palse and you will feel your heart rate.

How can the food you eat affect your heart rate?

The food you eat such as those high in sodium can affect your heart rate because your body retains water in order to dilute the sodium in your blood. Your blood volume then increases and because of that your heart works harder and beats faster.

How does sugar affect heart rate?

Sugar affects your heart rate by making increase. when you eat the food something called metabolism breaks down the food and turn it into energy. because of all this energy, it makes your heart go up to get rid of some of the energy.

Does the food you eat effect are heart rate procedure?


How does hot spicy food affect pulse rate?

Hot spicy food does affect your pulse rate because you are nervous or scared to eat it resulting in your pulse rate increasing.

Can food you eat affect your heart rate?

YES! Are you stupid man!THIS IS WAYYY RANDOM BUT I canterwood crest rocks! I

Why does your heart beat weird when you eat ice cream?

' Ice cream affects your heart rate weirdly by making it increase your heart rate when you eat the ice cream. This happens because of something called your metabolism breaks down the food and turns it into energy, because of all this energy, it makes your heart rate go up to get rid of some of the energy

What are the foods that effect your heart rate?

fatty food, junk food and high calories but most importantly sugary stuff EAT UR VEG!!

What is the number of your heart rate when you eat MacDonald's?

before or after the heart attack ? :/

Does what you eat affect your heart rate?

Yes it does, eating unhealthy could cause it to beat too fast or too slow. Both of which are bad for you.

Can the food you eat effect on your heart rate?

Yes, the food we eat can effect on our heart rates speeds our heart rate up also because our digestive system needs the blood to flow in order to process our food.Salt is one of the items that is very bad for us and especially for someone who has heart problems ,fast foods are especially any food that comes from McDonald's or any fast food joints that provide the same type of food greasy be exact.Red meat is suppose to be bad for ones heart as illustrated fat such as Oreo cookies are also bad for the heart and don't let me forget even though it isn't food but is very bad for your heart as well is smoking.

How science affect the food you eat and buy?

it affect humans

How do the 4 seasons affect the food you eat?

yes the food we eat is different in every season so there-for it affects the food we eat

Where does the heart get nutriens from?

From the food that we all eat.

How do spider mites affect the rate of photosynthesis?

The spider eat.

Can the meat people eat effect your heart rate?

yes,the meat we eat effects our heart rate on our pulse area if u can eat meat then wait 10 minutes check your pulse and if it is racing then yes that would answer your question but if your heart is not racing then that would not be the answer to your question.

How can little girls lose weight?

Eat less food do more exercise.Eat good food not takeaways or prepackaged rubbish. Cut out sweet food, soft drinks etcDo some exercise everyday, vigorous exercise something raises the heart rate.

How does the food we eat affect our climate?

by what it does to our body

How much does the average heart rate increase after eating?

your heart rate should increase after eating because your body is trying to digest food. some people's heart rates can exceed after eating up to 100 bpm! some people's heart rates drop. it all depends on how your body reacts when you eat; everyone is different.

How do specific foods or beverages affect how well antacids work?

the different amount of food you eat affects the affectivness of how antaacids work becaue certain food can work as catalysts and they can reduce the rate of reaction. they can slow down the reaction in others way because it will not be a pure substance whoch will affect the rate of reaction.

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