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Q: Why does gas expand when hot and contract when cold?
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Related questions

Does steel expand when it is cold or hot?

Steel will expand when it gets hot, and it will contract when it is cooled.

Why do things expand and contract?

things expand when they are hot and contract when they are cold, much like the sking on your arm. :)

Do water pipes in homes expand and contract?

Well if water is too cold, pipes will contract and if water is too hot, the pipes will expand.

Why is there gaps in the road of a bridge?

Bridges have gaps so that when it gets hot or cold, there is space for the road to expand or contract without cracking.

Why do concrete patios crack?

A concrete patio usually cracks due to heat cold. If it is to cold it contract and break. If it is to hot it will expand and break. Then water can seep into those cracks and freeze causing the crack to expand

Does metal contract or expand in hot temperatures?

Metal tends to expand in high temperatures.

Does wood expand in hot or cold weather?

yes it does in hot

What is the scientific law of expand and contrast?

Expand- Hot Contrast- Cold

Why are the bolts that hold these steel rails together in oval holes?

This is because this allows the rail to expand in hot weather and contract in cold weather.

Explain how a cold winter can damage road surfaces?

hot sunny days followed by cold nights make rocks to expand and contract so much that they eventually shatters

Does gas expand on hot days?

No. a gas does not expand on a hot day because all of the chemicals compress in order to keep it the size and shape

Why do telephone wires sag on a hot day and tighten on a cold day?

The reason that telephone wires sag on a hot day is because the heat makes the telephone wires expand and on a cold day they contract. hope that helps :)

Why do hot atoms move colder than warm atoms?

Because heat makes things expand, and cold makes things contract.("'\(o.o)/"')

Liquid to gas hot or cold?


Why does cool drinks cap get open when immersed in hot water?

solids contract when cold and expand when heated. the bottle containing the drink will expand and so the cap, being just fractions of an inch smaller will open

Will rubber expand with hot or cold water?

Rubber expands with the cold and contracts with heat

Why an inflated balloon expand in warmwater?

When particles are heated up the particles expand and when it is cooled down they contract, so on a hot day the balloon's particles will expand and when the temperature comes down the particles will contract.

Why do power lines hang low during cold days and why power lines become tight during hot days?

I believe you have that backwards. Power lines shrink (contract) in cold weather and expand in hot weather. Metal expands when it is heated.

If you drop something from the same height into hot and cold water which one hits the bottom first?

i would have to say the hot water because when its hot the partcials expand more so there is not as many in the way then with cold water the contract more so there are more particles in the way of your object.

What would a crystal grow bigger in hot or cold water?

Hot, when heated, things expand.

What is the word used to describe the cycle of hot and cold gas?

The word to describe the cycle of hot and cold gas is convection.

Why shrinkage comes in injection molding machine?

you know heat makes something expand and cold makes it contract. When injection molding the plastic material is hot, so it expands and when it is cold it shrinks. That is why how shrinkage comes.

What molecules move faster hot gas or cold gas molecules?

A hot gas has more thermal energy so the average molecular speed of a hot gas would be higher than a cold gas

Why does a balloon tied over a boiling tube immersed in hot water gets inflated whereas in cold water gets deflated?

When a balloon is exposed to heat or cold, the gas inside the rubber will either expand or contract. The change in the balloon's size becomes a visual gauge of the change in air pressure.

Does a cold or hot liquid dissolve gas quicker?


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