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It is there way of communicating. Just like cats. There are lots of different reasons. sometimes if they squeal they are begging for food. And if you have more then one in a cage they will talk to each other often.

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Q: Why does guinea pigs make noises?
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How do guinea pigs make noises?

They make noises through their larynx, the "voice box" in guinea pigs and humans alike that allows us to make noises and talk.

Why do guinea pigs make noises?

To communicate

Do guinea pigs make noises when they fart?

No, guinea pigs can neither pass gas or burp.

What type of noises do guinea pigs make?

they whistle

What sounds do guinea pigs make?

haha awww guinea pigs my cousins have two of them and they make cute squeaking noises kinda like "wheek wheek" noises. They remind me of squeaky piggy noises. :D

Why do guinea pigs make noises when your holding them?

Their noises help you to know how they're feeling.

Why does a guinea make noise?

Guinea pigs make noises to show their feelings like fear or exitment.

Is my guinea pig sick if he is making low noises?

yes, Guinea pigs make low noises to tell that she/he feels sick

How do guinea pigs speak?

They can purr and make rumbling noises if that is what you are asking

What noises does a pig make?

Guinea Pigs make a very cute whooping sound.

Is it normal for guinea pigs to make clicking noises?

Usually means they are angry!

What if your guinea pig doesn't make noise?

Its normal, Guinea pigs dont make noises if they are sleeping or playing. Scaring, Annoying and other stuff makes guinea pigs make noise. -Gmixer

Why do your guinea pig make noises?

Guinea pigs make noises to express their feelings (E.g. hunger, happiness, anger), it's their way of communicating. My guinea pig squeaks very loudly when he or she is hungry!

Are guinea pig able to make bird noises?

no because god made guinea pigs guinea pigs and birds birds. they have thier own sound. can an elephant make a snake sound?

Can guinea pigs copy human noises?


Do guinea pigs make a humming noise when its there breeding cycle?

no they make humming noises when they are have digestive problems

What noises do guinea pis make and why?

Guinea Pigs squeak because they are scared or happy mine squeaks when i give him food

Do guinea pigs make noises at night?

Well, from what I've herd, yes. They make small noises, but probably almost imposable to hear at night.

Do guinea pigs make noises if he or she is sad?

Sometimes they will. And sometimes they just want some food!:)

What don't guinea pigs like?

Guinea pigs don't like loud noises like car's engines.

How are guinea pigs and pigs alike?

Really Guinea pigs are NOTHING like real pigs. Guinea pigs do do some things that pigs do such as graze on food all day and can make some noises that people might think pig like! but guinea pigs are herbivores so they dont eat meat unlike pigs who will eat nearly anything!!

Why sailors are the reason for guinea pigs popularity?

The first people to keep guinea pigs as pets were sailor's. They brought them to Europe from south America. (Which was perhaps confused with Guinea, in Africa). These little animals were called guinea pigs because of the squeaking, pig-like noises they make.MJC

What can you do when they make low whimpering noises guinea pigs?

it usually means it is eather excited or scared,sometimes hungry.

Why is your guinea pig hunching his back and making a funny noise like he is in pain?

Guinea pigs naturally have curved spines, and don't try to straighten them- you could break them; they are fragile. If your guinea pig is making pain noises, I would take him to the veterinarian. But, guinea pigs make several noises, so I wouldn't be too worried.

What are happy guinea pigs noises?

Sqeaks.[It purrs which is like a shuddering noise, and when it makes little noises.]