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Q: Why does hair grow darker as you get older?
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Does your hair go darker as you go older?

No. In fact, the opposite is true: your hair gets lighter as you get older.

Does coffee make your hair grow darker?

No. Drinking coffee has no effect in your hair color. But if you rinse your hair with coffee, it will give make your hair darker.

After you bleach your hair does your real color grow back?

Yes. Although it does grow back darker sometimes. It will just appear darker because you have lightened your hair.

Does hair get darker as you get older?

No -- more typically it gets lighter.

Does your hair grow darker and thicker when you shave?

no it just looks darker and thicker because of stubble

What age does hair grow on girls vaginia?

all different ages. most kids start when they are 10. i think.

Why do you get darker as you grow older?

Older, More Tired and probley feed up which would depending on your lifestyle make a much darker later stage in life.

How does a 9 year old Africa boy grow his hair?

You can shave it and it will grow longer and darker

Does yawning cause leg hair to grow?

No. Yawning does not cause leg hair to grow. What does cause leg hair to grow (either thicker or darker) is shaving, genetics, and your overall hormones in your body.

Does waxing make your eyebrow hair grow back darker?

No waxing removes the hair from root, it will grow back lighter and thinner and with continuous use, the hair root will die....

What happen to you as you reach puberty?

- darker leg and arm pit hair - hair by your crotch - you get your period - you grow boobs

What happends to a boys nipples when they hit purberty?

Thy will start to grow and they will get darker. They will also start to grow hair