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Reverend John Hale and John Proctor are characters in the play "The Crucible." Hale comes to Proctors home to question why Abigail Williams was released from working for the Proctor's.

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Q: Why does hale come to proctors house?
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What was Elizabeth Proctors occupation?

house wife

Why has reverend hale visit the proctors by the book the crucible by arthur miller?

I think Hale went to Proctors house because he heard that John Proctor has been missing out on Sabeth(?) days lately and his third son has not been baptised. Also I think he went to tell John Proctor that Elizabeth's name was mentioned in Court that day.

Why did hale come to proctors house?

Hale came out to question all accused persons for himself, so that he would have some knowledge of the people before they appeared in court or jail. He came to Proctor's house to question them to see if either of them had any suspicious activities which would relate to witchcraft.

What is the point of the discussion between hale and proctors about whether or not they believe in witches?

Listening to John Proctor and Mary Warren, Reverend Hale becomes convinced that they, not Abigail, are telling the truth.

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What softness does reverend hale find in the church records regarding the proctors?

John Proctor also doesn't know his ten commandments. Specifically the one about adultery.

What news dose giles Cory reveal to the proctors and reverend hale in act 2?

Giles reveals that Goody Corey and Rebecca Nurse have been arrested.

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