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Cold air is compact air

Hot air is less dense than cold air

Ergo, hot air rises ; cold air sinks

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Q: Why does heat rise and how does cold drop?
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Does cold rise and heat sink?

No, cold sinks and heat rises.

Does the temperature rise or drop in the mesophere?

it is the middle so it is cold and hot

Do the temperature rise and drop in the mesosphere?

it is the middle so it is cold and hot by:michael bruce

What is an example of cold air rising and heat rising?

Cold air does not rise, your question makes no sense.

What happens after a occluded front?

After an occluded front passes temperatures drop if it was a cold front, and rise if it was a warm front. Pressure rises, and there is light-to-moderate precipitation, followed by clearing. Visibility improves and there is a slight drop in the dew-point if it is a cold-occluded front and a slight rise if a warm-occluded front.

Does thermal energy heat rise or drop?

Neither, heat is a form of energy and as such is contained within matter or exists as radiation. Heat energy and hot matter are very different things. In a fluid, hot matter will rise because it expands and hence decreases in density.

You feel cold when a drop of petrol falls on your skin?

We feel cold when a drop of petrol falls on our skin because, heat from our body is transferred to petrol which usually evaporates at normal room temperature when it is exposed.

Do cold radiation waves go down?

There is no such thing as cold radiation. Cold is nothing in itself; it is merely the absence of heat - or just less heat. Heat, like light, radiates, but cold, like darkness, does not.What you may think of is cold convection; i.e., the fact that cold air will sink and warm air will rise. This effect is often confused as being 'cold radiation'.

Does hot air rise?

Yes. Hot air is less dense, and therefore lighter than cold air, so it will rise as cold air will drop. A perfect example of this, is smoking rising to the ceiling in a fire, or smoke rising out of your chimney.

Why does it feel more humid during the summer than during the winter?

The cold in winter causes the humidity to drop by condensing it out. The heat in summer can cause the humidity to rise by evaporating more water from nearby bodies of water.

Does the temperature rise or drop in the exosphere?


Does the temperature rise or drop in the thermospere?