Why does homework exist?

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homework exists because long ago there was a student who was miss-behaving and his teacher decided to give him a punishment. The punishment was extra work to bring home and bring it back done. today that is called homework. but homework although teachers now days think it helps you practice, it is actually bad for you and your stress. btw sry id know the name of the kid nor the teacher. ===And an extra fact just for fun is that a turtle's shell is actually part of it's skeleton! :)

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so it is actually torture so homework is BS and school going on about go outside get more fresh air insted us studens stuk at home doing BS work
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Homework is a way for you to practice what you are learning. If you didn't have homework, you would have to stay in school until you finished your practice, and since everyone works at different rates, you'd be there until the slowest people finally caught on.

Nobody likes practicing things - musicians get bored practicing scales, athletes get bored practicing their moves, and students get bored practicing their learning skills. However, practice does make perfect, and the more you work on your homework problems, the better you get at the skills you will need when you get out of school.

Some students think the teachers are "mean" for giving homework, but think about it - you have ONE assignment to do for that teacher - the teacher then has to read every single paper from every student and give it a grade. Which one of you has more work to do?

Doing homework will not make you "smarter," but it will teach you how to use the "smarts" that you have in your brain already - doing homework makes you faster and better at doing other things.

Homework allows students to practice the skills they learn during school. This helps the student retain the knowledge gained during the day rather than school being a pointless waste of time because nothing was learned or remembered.

Pros for Doing Homework
  • Practice Makes Perfect - we can practice our school work and do well in the future!
  • You don't have to stay at school and do all the work
  • You can learn more than you did in class because you work at your own rate
  • Your teacher gives you a grade for doing it!
  • You learn how to look things up and how to learn, which helps in all areas of life
  • Homework gives children the chance to finish any un-finished work from school
  • It helps students prepare for tests and quizzes given in the future
  • Homework helps students to learn that particular subject in greater detail
Cons against Doing Homework* (see the related link to a Homework website)
  • It is boring!
  • It is hard!
  • You get too distracted
  • You'd rather be playing
  • The disadvantage of homework is less free time, for you and all your friends
  • If a teacher gives too much homework it can cause apathy in the student


Reasons For Homework

Homework is not meant to reflect the real world, but to help you learn skills that you will need in that world. You will need to be able to read and understand what you read; you will need to be able to do simple math to do such things as balancing your bank account or planning how much food to buy for a party with twenty people; you will need to know how to research and look up information. And you will need to be able to communicate information to other people in a way that they can understand.

You need to do homework because that is one of the ways the teacher knows if you were listening in class, and actually understand what was being taught. If you don't, you may have trouble learning things based on that information.
so that you remember what you did in the class that you had. for example if it was maths and i learnt algebra, i would remember what i did in the class and get better at my skills. :D

There is a saying, "practice makes perfect."
Children are given homework because it helps in the learning process and teaches responsibility.

Some students think "children have homework because the teacher is bored." That is far from how it really is. Actually, the teacher's job would be a LOT easier if homework was not given, and the teacher would have more time at home to do hobbies, sports, or relax. After all, if a teacher gives homework to 20 students, each student has to do the homework once; the teacher has to grade all 20 homework assignments.

as the daughter of a teacher, I know that my mom gives homework to help students get practice with the material so that she knows how they are doing..also, the lesson for the next day is usually going over the homework. So, your answer is, to give students practice and to have a lesson for the next day!

Homework is like the practice form of education. I'll explain through metaphor. Say you want to play a piano and never have. You've been taught about what makes a piano, and their history, and the names of the various parts. However if you try and play you'll find you most likely can't. This is why you practice the piano so that with enough practice you can play it. Homework is the same concept. It allows a teacher to get an individual look at how you are progressing on a given concept or subject. This is more difficult to do when in a full classroom and the teacher doesn't have the ability to focus on any one individual.
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Q: Why does homework exist?
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