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Rust is a redox-reaction, meaning it is a reation where electrons are exchanged. Water would be the oxidation-agent and iron and aluminum the reduction-agents. As can be seen on the table of standard cell potensials, aliminium is a strong reduction-agent and water is too weak to induce oxidation. Iron, however, is not as strong, and can undergo oxidation.

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Q: Why does iron corrode in water and aluminum doesn't?
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Why does moisture and oxygen make cars corrode?

It's a chemical reaction: bare metals + Oxygen +water = Oxidized metal. Example: Iron +water +oxygen =iron oxide or rust. Aluminum + oxygen +water = Aluminum hydroxide. These are naturally occuring reactions.

Is pewter waterproof?

No it will not rust as it doesnt have iron in it, but it may corrode and turn black over time

What is chlorines reactivity?

Chlorine is very reactive, it will corrode many things (like hot aluminum, iron or sodium) in contact

Does water affect pennies?

As pennies are not made of iron, they cannot rust under any circumstances.However they can corrode. The copper shell will produce a green corrosion product, the zinc core can corrode completely away as a transparent water soluble corrosion product. This corrosion will be very slow in plain water (much slower than iron rusts in water) but will be much faster if an acid is added to the water.

What can corrode?


Can Mercury rust?

No, mercury does not rust. Rust is the formation of iron oxide due to oxidation of iron, or any alloy containing iron. Other metals, such as aluminum and nickel will corrode and turn greenish. Since mercury is not a solid at room temperature, corrosion as defined doesnt really happen either. But just like alot of other elements, mercury does oxidize.

What metals are best resistant in salt water?

Metals that corrode in salt water easily include iron and tin.

Which one of these are most likely to float on water is it a lead bar an iron nail or aluminum?


Which would corrode first copper or iron?

Aluminum (US spelling) is actually much more reactive than iron, and would corrode faster. In fact, it corrodes so fast that in forms a coating of aluminum oxide on any surface in contact with air. But since the surface is covered, it protects the rest of the metal, and it never corrodes deeper than a fraction of a millimeter. So technically, aluminum corrodes much faster, but much less completely because most of the mass of it is protected by the corroded layer.

What are some of the factors that cause corrosion of iron?

Oxygen and water vapor content of air. They together can corrode iron, causing rust (a mixture of Iron(III) oxides and hydroxides)

How may the word corrode be used in a sentence?

Iron does not corrode as easily when coated with zinc by galvanizing.

How does galvanised iron corrode?

Slowly, because the zinc galvanizing coating must corrode away almost completely before the iron can begin corroding.