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isopropanol/Ispropyl (or called rubbing alcohol) is a solvent that has polar molecules (molecules with a positive charged molecule that sticks to a negative charged molecule).

If you sniff a sharpie, it has a sharp, alcohol smell, right? Sharpies have n-propanol alcohol, n-butanol, and diacetone alcohol in them. They have pretty similar structures to rubbing alcohol. All alcohol have polar molecules.

There is a "like dissolve like" rule. This means Polar solvent+Polar solvent=dissolve/removal. OR non-polar solvent+nonpolar solvent=dissolve/removal.

The closer the types of molecule and chemical make-ups are, the more likely they are to dissolve or be removed.

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Can baking soda get out sharpie stains?

I have never heard of baking soda used on sharpie stains. But, I do know that denatured alcohol will break down the sharpie stains, but you will need some tide or shout spot treatment after using the denatured alcohol to pull out the stain. It worked for me!

What are the domestic uses of isopropyl alcohol?

Isopropyl alcohol, also known as rubbing alcohol, has many uses around the home. These include cleaning hard to get out stains such as ones caused by Sharpie pens, cleaning and disinfecting minor scrapes and cuts, and gently cleaning electronic equipment. It can sometimes help scratched DVDs and CDs still play OK.

How do you remove sharpie stains from desk?

Use a dry-erase marker to remove sharpie marks from a desk or dry eraser white board.

How do you remove dye transfer from a white vinyl handbag?

You can use isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) on a wet paper towel to remove a stain, or for major stains, you can use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

How do you remove ink stains from rexine?

There are several ways that can remove ink stains from rexine. Applying isopropyl alcohol to a cotton ball or rag and rubbing it on the stain should remove it. Another way is to use hairspray, but test it out on a small area to make sure it doesn't discolor the rexine.

What do you use to remove ink stains?

Isopropyl alcohol, 95% solution. If that doesn't work try (on Cotton only!) 100% acetone (DO THIS OUTSIDE, PURE ACETONE IS EXPLOSIVELY FLAMMABLE!)

Can alcohol remove grease stains?

Yes , It can :)

What solvent is able to remove grass stains?

I think it is alcohol it is rubbing alcohol!

What solvent that is able to remove grass stains?

rubbing alcohol

Solvent that is able to remove grass stains?

Rubbing alcohol.

Water alone cannot remove greasy stains from clothes while alcohol can?

It is true that water alone cannot remove greasy stains from clothing. Alcohol usually can because it is a solvent.

Can alcohol remove wall stains?

White Wine is the best option

What is a good title for a science fair project involving sharpies and removing them from cotton material?

How to remove Sharpie stains from cotton fabric.

How do you get rid of sharpie stains?

nail polish remover

How do you take sharpie stains out of wood?

hair spray

What type of alcohol is used to remove bleach stains from clothing?

Wine is best

How do you remove oil of cloves stain from your vanity unit?

Many stains can be removed with alcohol.

How do you remove bleach stains from sofa fabric?

get color dye and or alcohol may work

How do I remove lipstick stains ?

Alcohol based cleaners are often very effective to remove stains, depending on the type of clothing stained. Amonia (a household chemical) also works wonders.

What makes bleach remove stains?

A bleach is a chemical that can remove or lighten color, usually via oxidation. Rubbing alcohol can often be used to remove stains depending on their size. It works best with smaller stains. To remove a stain using rubbing alcohol apply the alcohol to a cotton ball and then rub the stain and the area around it. The rubbing alcohol will help distribute the original color of the clothing so that it begins to cover the stained area. This method is best used on darker colored items. Light colored items or items with larger stains tend not to absorb the color as well.

How to get ink out of a fabric couch?

You can remove an ink stain using the Alcohol Method. Ink stains often come out with rubbing alcohol.

How do you get Sharpie marker stains out of a color shirt?

Try hair spray. I've also heard of using rubbing alcohol but haven't personally tried it. -- Carol Cleanicity Founder

What is the best way to remove blood stains from leather?

moist, then add alcohol hand sanitiser.

Which brand makes a concrete wash that will remove the stains from my driveway?

If hot water and soap do not work, coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, and soft drink stains can be removed by applying a bandage saturated with 1 part glycerol (glycerin) diluted with 4 parts water. Two parts of isopropyl alcohol may be added to this mixture to hasten the removal action. The bleaches described for removal of smoke stains are also effective in removing stubborn coffee and other stains. A poultice of talc and trichloroethylene can be used on tough stains.

Can laundry detergent remove permanent marker stains?

no because it needs to have a supper strong level of alcohol