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well, there are several reasons for this pain:

1: did you cut them recently? if you did you might of cut them too short.

2: you might have low circulation, try to avoid to much presure.

3: are you anemic? (iron defficient) because i am and i had symptoms like these.

4: using nail polish extensively could result in this pain.

5:long periods of pressure to the fingertips could cause this pain.

oh and one more thing, don't worry! I've had this pain hundreds of times and its not gonna kill you! sometimes putting ice or a cold object on my finger nails usually helps. when you have this pain try not to put to much pressure on your nail, like pressing a button to hard. this pain will go away in a few days so don't worry! :) hope this helped!

- snickers

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Fingernails do not have nerves in the actual nail. If you have pain when you cut your nails it is probably coming from the surrounding soft tissues. This may mean that you are cutting the nails too short and injuring the nail bed or it might mean that there is an infection around the nail. If the tissue around the nail is tender, red or swollen you should probably see your physician. If it is a toenail, then a podiatrist may also be of benefit.

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I would need some in depth description to give you a close and accurate answer. But, please check to make sure that you do not have an ingrown nail. Maybe you have split your nail and it is hurting. These are all possibilities.
If you have an ingrown nail, then please go to a doctor and get it checked, because sometimes infections do grow. Also, you may have to have surgery, if it is deep, to pull the nail out. If it has just began then slowly and carefully get a small pair of scissors and cut the nail. NOT THE SKIN! If you are scared to do this, then I recommend going to a doctor.

If you have split your nail make sure you keep it clean and it should just heal itself.

I hope I have helped!!

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well umm you have been fingering to hard or you have fingered your girlfriend to hard.

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when you cut your nails it hurts because your cutting the nerves in the nail(s)

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Q: Why does it hurt when you cut your nails?
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