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it is dull and repellent-APEX

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John laughs at the narrator in "The Yellow Wallpaper" because he dismisses her concerns about her declining mental health and believes her illness is not serious. He belittles her feelings and dismisses her experiences, leading to a breakdown in understanding and compassion between them.

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He used the yellow paint at first, because it was bright so it stood out to him.

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The pattern of the wallpaper

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Q: Why does john laugh at the narrator in The Yellow Wallpaper?
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What was John's profession in the yellow wallpaper?

John is a physician in "The Yellow Wallpaper." He is also the narrator's husband and plays a significant role in her treatment for postpartum depression.

Static characters in The Yellow Wallpaper?

In "The Yellow Wallpaper," the character of John, the narrator's husband, remains static throughout the story. He consistently exhibits controlling and dismissive behavior towards the narrator, failing to evolve or change his perspectives. John's static nature contrasts with the narrator's transformation and descent into madness as the narrative progresses.

What is the cenntral irony of the story the yellow wall paper?

The central irony of "The Yellow Wallpaper" is that the narrator's husband, who believes he is helping her by confining her to the room with the wallpaper, actually contributes to her mental deterioration. The narrator's obsession with the wallpaper symbolizes her descent into madness, which is exacerbated by her husband's misguided attempts to help her.

What is john's profession in the yellow wallpaper?

He is a physician

What does the narrator think of the yellow wallpaper?

He think is sexy! And then he masturbates! Lol im horny

What actors and actresses appeared in The Yellow Wallpaper - 1977?

The cast of The Yellow Wallpaper - 1977 includes: Tom Dahlgren as Doctor John Barclay Sigrid Wurschmidt as Elizabeth Barclay

In The Yellow Wallpaper why are they living in the colonial mansion?

The couple is renting the colonial mansion as a summer home. The narrator's husband, John, believes it will help her recover from her "temporary nervous depression" and prefers it due to its seclusion and airiness.

In The Yellow Wallpaper the author explores the theme of how society views women. Explain what the commonly held view of women is in this story. Include at least two specific details from the story th?

In "The Yellow Wallpaper," the society views women as fragile, passive, and subordinate to men. This is depicted through the narrator's husband, John, who patronizingly dismisses her thoughts and emotions, as well as the sister-in-law, who believes that the narrator should just obey the doctor's orders. Both characters demonstrate the societal expectation that women should be overly reliant on male authority and lack agency of their own.

In the yellow wallpaper who are the male characters?

In "The Yellow Wallpaper," the male characters are John, the protagonist's husband, and her brother, who are both dismissive of the protagonist's deteriorating mental health. John is a physician who believes in the rest cure, which exacerbates the protagonist's condition.

How would The Yellow Wallpaper be different if it were told from another character's perspective?

If The Yellow Wallpaper were told from another character's perspective, such as John's, it would likely focus on his perceptions and rationale for his actions. The story may paint a different picture of the narrator's mental state and provide insight into John's perspective on his wife's condition. This shift in perspective could potentially alter the reader's interpretation of the events and themes of the story.

Why did john faint in The Yellow Wallpaper?

He came in and saw his wife, obviously insane, and creeping around the edge of the wall. Also (depending how you translate her statment to him) refering to herself in the third person.

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