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Weed gets you high because it is a natural element that contains THC. The THC becomes active by burning it and the reaction emits a chemical that your brain counteracts with your body's own natural cures. From these "cures" you get the "High" sensation.

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Q: Why does marijuana make you high?
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Can dolphins get high from marijuana?

No marijuana cannot make them high but i hope you are not trying to get them high.....

Can marijuana make a cat high?


Can marijuana make you loose control while driving?

while being high, can marijuana make you loose control?

Do you get high smoking Hookah?

No it does not make you high but if you add Marijuana to the head(bowl) then you will get high.

What chemical is on marijuana that makes you high?

THC the crystals that make yu feel high

Does marijuana that is baked do anything to your body?

If you a heavy marijuana user then no If your new to marijuana uses then use I haven't tried it, but in the 60s marijuana brownies were supposed to make people high.

How do you stop a marijuana high?

don't do marijuana.

How does eating marijuana make you high?

its not the marijuana that gets you hight its the amount of thc in the plant you have to extract the thc from the plant and bake it into what ever it is that you will mix i with

What can you do to not be high on Marijuana anymore?

Stop using marijuana.

Does breathing the smoke from weed make you high?

Yes, that is generally why people smokemarijuana.

Does mixing tobacco with weed make you more high?

No, it doesn't. All it does is dilute the marijuana.

How do you make a marijuana symbol on facebook?

how do you make a marijuana symbol

How long do you stay high on marijuana?

It depends on a lot of factors; quality of the marijuana, number of times you have used marijuana (a veteran smoker doesn't stay as high as long). My first time smoking marijuana I smoke some high grade stuff and was high for over 3 hours.

Does marijuana make you live longer?

No, marijuana does not make you live longer. In fact, the use of marijuana can actually shorten your life.No, marijuana does not make you live longer. In fact, the use of marijuana can actually shorten your life.

Does herbal weed get you high?

Marijuana is an herb. It will get you high. A: Some weed will get you "high", however, some Marijuana will cause you to feel more high than others

Can you fall asleep while high from marijuana?

Marijuana puts you to sleep!

Can you smoke Adderall with weed?

I have before. I don't feel like the adderall affected my marijuana high. Adderall is for ADHD, and marijuana can make you hype, so it kinda evens out.

What is the purpose of marijuana?

to get high

Can you get a?

Contact high from marijuana

What are the affections of marijuana?

you get high

Is smoking marijuana while taking focalin bad?

it can calm your high and make you be able to process better

Why does smoking Tetrahydrocannibol make you high?

Because it has a high level of THC(The active ingredient in marijuana also). Marijuana yields 4% THC while Tetrahydrocannibol, most commonly known as sinsemilla, is commonly between 10-14.

Are male marijuana plants good for marijuana tea?

Yeah but it would just be marijuana flavored. It wont get you high.

What state makes the most marijuana?

California by far. California is said to make at least half of all the marijuana in the entire USA, some estimates go as high as 75%.

What is it called when opiates are often smoked on top of marijuana?

Marijuana is sometimes laced with opiates. This makes the high better, but can also make a person sick or cause an overdose or death.