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Q: Why does mentos and Diet Coke react more than baking soda and vinegar?
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Is there some other ingredients that can react and explode besides coke and mentos or vinegar and baking soda?

Yes, but don't try this at home.

What stuff not to mix?

baking soda and vinegar. diet coke and mentos

What is the replacement reaction to baking soda and vinegar?

I think that Coke and Mentos will do the trick. It has to be REGULAR COKE!The Mint Mentos will work the best.

What makes an explosion?

You can mix coke and mentos together and it makes an explosion

How do you make a eruption without using vinegar and baking soda or soda and a Mentos?

open a coke bottle to fast.

Why does Mentos react with regular coke?

it makes it shoot out the bottle, the coke.

What drinks will Mentos react in?

pepsi and coke, though coke works better

Why is it better to use Diet Coke than regular coke in a mentos and coke experiment?

Because the chemicals in diet coke react with the chemicals in the mentos, Normal coke has the same chemicals that mentos has, that is why you need to have a positive and negative to react, Normal coke and mentos is positive and positive.

What ingredients do you need to make bubbly acid?

Mixing vinegar and baking soda will give you a bubbly acid. Coke and mentos will also make a nice display.

If you mixed mentos with baking soda and coca cola with vinegar then mixed the two concoctions together would the explosion be bigger than if you just used baking soda and vinegar?

Yes, but only because you increased the fuel. You would basically get the same sized reaction if you used twice as much baking soda and twice as much vinegar (or twice as much mentos and twice as much coke).

What will happen if I insert the vinegar into baking powder?

It'll cause a chemical reaction. jdiesel121... this is true it will cause a chemical reaction but depending on the amount of vinegar you put in the powder is how the two react like if you put a little bit of vinegar in alot of powder then it wont do much but if you put alot of vinegar in alot of baking powder then it will be like putting a whole pack of mentos in a two leater of diet coke it goes every where.

What erupts better vinegar with baking soda or Diet Coke with mentos?

Bkng soda vinegar is a CHEMICAL reaction, a chemical change occurs giving CO2 and water. The rate depends on the conc. of your vinegar, temperature and the surface area of the soda (fine powder)Mentos/coke is a PHYSICAL reaction, no chemical change occurs (though sugar dissolves and eventually hydrolyses to glucose, but this is incidental). The same thing happens with Mentos and carbonated water.CO2 dissolved in the coke is released by a process called nucleation on the surface of the mentos.A rough surface is better than a smooth one, so this might be a useful area to investigate for your project.The mentos reaction is probably fastest under most conditions, and you can experiment with temperature, acid strength, different types of Mentos (some are smooth and are rubbish), fizzy drinks with different amounts of sugar dissolved, lots of variables are there if you think about it.